WOW! Man I’ve gotten a lot of comments on the new site. It seems as though a lot of you folks enjoy this stuff…ok..ok BOTH of you. Anyway, thanks for the support and comments. And yes, I will do my best to post every night I work. I missed Feb. 25th due to being off sick but, if I’m here and can…we’ll get something up. Tonight, we have a few special items / topics to hit. The first is sending out a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH to someone near and dear to my heart.

What???? Who is that?? COME ON!! do you mean to tell me that you guys DON’T know Theodor S. Geisel? GIVE ME A BREAK! All you educated computer type people and you don’t know ‘ol Teddy? Let me help ya out…

YEP! Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss. Happy Birthday ol buddy! Most of you wont know what I’m talking about but a few local readers will remember an old site around here that stirred up quite a bit of controversy. The site was called the Rumor Mill and there were a lot of anonymous names made to publish posts concerning our department and the problems within. The site contained a little of everything. I believe it started out with good intentions but if you can believe it, some Firemen got carried away. Some post became more and more personal and wouldn’t you know it…feelings got hurt. Now, not all of the comments were lies or fabrications mind you… I guess sometimes the truth just hurt. Everyone knew it to be true….we just weren’t supposed to talk about it. Oh yea..it was embarrassing for other people to read about our problems. Like every other department in the country didn’t have a “this” or “that” guy or like they weren’t fighting the same battles we were. Guys… IT’S THE FIRE SERVICE… we all have the same problems. On different scales and with different addresses but it’s basically the same coast to coast. Anyhow, one of the Arthurs posted under the name “Dr. Seuss” and the post always rhymed. They were funny as CRAP! I had to get up every day and check to see if he had anything new up. I loved it! The story lines…the rhymes…heck even how he dressed. Oh yea.. a real dapper Dan he was with those suspenders, the hat…hummm.. WAIT JUST A MINUTE! I just figured out who he was….

LMAO….Wheezy??? I would have never guessed! Ok Ok enough shenanigans…on to today’s work. And yes.. I said work. It’s been fairly busy around here today. Sitting on 6 including 2 workers. Oh yea… we’ve been “DOING IT”! Nah… we did catch a small working fire with our brothers from E9, E5, L13, M9, RS1, BC2, RS1, ST2, and M101. A dryer on fire in the basement with a decent smoke condition. I had command while Coon and Tink-Tink sat on the hydrant. The boys from 9 did a good job and got it with the tank. L13 made the searches and did a little venting. Engine 5 took RIC while M9 assisted the Engine with fire attack. Working fire companies were turned around and we had her taken up pretty fast. Good clean work all the way around (I’ll get the audio up in the next day or so). We later caught a decent smoke condition on the 3rd floor of a 5 story Senior Citizen apartment building. Nothing more than burnt food but it was good to hump a few flights of stairs again. Then we caught a real barn burner! Oh yea… nothing like a high voltage power pole burning under ground when the roads are wet. Snakes, electricity and hookers with Adams Apples… I DON’T FOOL WITH ANY OF EM! Our local power company came in to knock that one out for us. We ran a few with our County neighbors down the road as well. You remember… the ones who live down at the “five star fire station”. I still can’t get used to those yellow fire trucks though…uggg. But hey! we’re running a local all girls college 🙂 yea… I still hate it here. Anyway, here’s a few pics…

I think I’ll shut her down for a while now. there’s some new cooking show on that me and boys want to catch before our sauna and manacures. Oh yea.. I almost forgot. I heard from our new Lieutenant Scott “Eugene” bradford tonight. He’s back in the Country and should fianally make a days work with us by Saturday the 6th. WELCOME HOME Eugene! I’ll leave you with a video tribute to our fallen brothers from 911. NEVER FORGET EM !!!
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgVNAV6YegM]Stay safe, warm and in the house!
Capt. Wines