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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Count down to 13 !


YEA BABY!!! If I make to 0750 in the morning I am outta here for a 13 day break! WOOOO HOOOO! I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve today. I was thinking of going to bed right now so I don’t have to wait so long to wake up and get outa here. The break has both good and bad ...

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One day left..


Tuesday, middle day of the cycle and again, it feels as if I’ve been here 100 hours already… Geesh! It’s been another one of those typical “staffing” days. EMT-I class, HTR training and who knows what else. Anyway, we marked the Engine out of service all day. Coon and Joe rode the box while the Officers traveled. Yea, both of ...

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We're back


Well, 4 day break is over and “C-shift” is back to duty. We had our 2nd football game of the season yesterday against the Washington DC Generals and lost 28-2. Yea .. I know but, as it’s been said several times;the fact that we are even on the field is a win for us. The rain held off just long ...

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NOT when the Captain is stressed…


Ever heard the saying…”today’s NOT the day”? Or how about this is not a good week for that? I know… we all have em but it seems as though mine has carried through since January. Yea, I’m having a bad year. Nothing is going my way and my stress level is through the roof… hell, higher than thatEven the “Cowboy ...

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Alive and kickin..


Well, we all know that “the word” travels fast in the fire department and apparently I’m a hot topic for the rumor mill once again so lets set the record straight. I was injured last week. A dislocated shoulder early Monday morning. NO… it was NOT a football injury. NO… it was not from a bar room fight. YES.. a ...

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Heading to 4 day!


WoooHooo! I can almost smell 4 day break. Another 12 hours and we’ve got it made…till Friday anyway. It really hasn’t been a bad cycle if you don’t count being stuck on duty with all this nice weather. The good news is that the forecast for the week looks just as good. What to do what to do? With so ...

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Middle day blahs!


It’s the middle day for C-shift and I can’t wait for 4-day. Today feels like it’s lasted 48 hours already. The day started out BEAUTIFUL. Joe is off on vacation so that has us running with the minimum … 3 on the Engine (and YES that’s counting the Officer and driver) and 2 on the Medic. Not a big deal ...

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Gonna be a long one..but full of pics


Well, the Roanoke Rampage had our first game this past Saturday and there’s good and bad news. The bad news?? We lost…9-0. The good news (and a lot of it) is that the game and entire day was a huge success. I’ll begin by saying this. Not many people got behind us. Most laughed. Others made the smart ass comments. ...

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I CAN’T wait!! Tomorrow is the first home game for the Roanoke Rampage. We play for the National Public Safety Football League and will be hosting the South Carolina Commanders tomorrow @ 3pm at the Salem Memorial football stadium. Tickets are $7 and all proceeds go to our charity Steps 4 Billy (Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL). There will be an ...

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