Rampage make Charlotte

WOW!!! Did ya hear me?? WOW!!! The Roanoke Rampage football team has made it to Charlotte! First Charlotte is a huge city. Second, the Cobra’s are first class all the way! They are putting us up at the EpiCentre and it is AWESOME!

Any and everything you could ever need is right here. The rooms are great. A little “kinky” maybe but I guess “modern”, “Hip”, “cool”, “rad” or whatever the word is now for really really cool. They have all glass showers. Not like the frosted glass either … sparkling, crystal clear glass and no curtain. Funny little pillows, different colored walls and just an all around neat appearance. My only complaint would be the funny looking toilet. Mine is broken cause every time you flush, it sprays water all over your back and underside. Ok, maybe 2 complaints. It’s a little noisy across the hall. You see, I’m in room 822. Room 821 is across the hall and at first, I thought it was under construction. The door was covered in “scene tape” and looked like a crime scene. Well, closer inspection got me to smiling.

How lucky can I get??? A bachelorette party across the hall. Want even better? Well, remember Orlando and the fuss my cowboy hat, boots and buckle caused? Well, while taking the pic of the door tape… they opened it. Talk about excitement… “He’s here!” “He’s here!” …. “you are the dancer right?” LMAO! If you’ve ever seen me dance, you know I couldn’t lie to em. I tried to explain that “NO I am not the dancer, I was just taking a picture of your door.” As hard as it is to convince 1 sober woman of anything, imagine trying to convince a room FULL of … ummmmm…. errrrrrrr… well lets just say REAL happy and excited women. LMAO! I was almost killed and the football game ain’t till tomorrow night! Luckily, I made it out alive and down to the BlackFinnAmerican Saloon where the Cobra’s hosted a meal and adult beverages. Again…FIRST CLASS! Most of the gang is here while a few strays are just arriving…

Afterwards, some headed to Howl At The Moon (which we came to love in Orlando)while I hit WHISKY RIVER!! I’M IN HEAVEN! They have a mechanical bull and everything! They…. They….They… ah hell, just check out the link a few sentences back… We need one of these in Roanoke! Ok, just wanted to let you guys know we’re here and doing fine. A huge THANKS to the Cobra’s for all the hospitality! I’m heading back to Whisky River (had to run up and get my spurs) after a brief stop across the hall…. I can hear they’re playing my song…


I’ll update ya in the morning…

  • Anonymous

    Its the Aloft – at the Epicenterand a badae- suppose to work that way Son- butI just realized you know that- slow MOM- stay out of that bad girls roomI'll see ya at the game-And yes Charlotte really did a class job for you guys and they "whopped" Orlando bad- gotta love it

  • LOL I know what a Badae is moma…. it was for a laugh… my butt needed washing anyway 🙂 See ya in a bit, love ya thanks for coming to se us play..Bo (Capt Wines)