OMG!!.. Ok so I get it… you want regular updates.. Hey..I’m busy! This is my busy time of year! Hay season.. but consider I’m trying to change my life style too. Ive been on the lake.. on the river..wearing “flip flops”.. riding the bike etc.. trying to ease up a little..that’s what everyone wanted right? I haven’t posted in a bit but hey.. we’re at a crap hole that runs NO CALLS.. how much of what we eat or wash can you take? Last day we were more of plumbers than firemen.

Our City decided to spend millions on building / making “green” stations. The only thing is that they didn’t plan / budget to maintain these innovations. Yea.. if you sit long enough on the seat while reading the “morning paper” the lights go off to save electricity.. but we cant afford the money to change the filters on our water recycle system. Don’t believe me?? Our toilet water looks bad enough that I’m embarrassed for a civilian to come in and use the toilet. Why? It looks like we haven’t cleaned em…. Brown..dirty. Well guess what? We have been without hot or cold water for over a week… Yea..WITHOUT!!! No showers..no hot water dish washing..etc. Long story short.. a city worker came by to check in on us. Upset that we were still without, after a short talk; we went out to clean the filters that the FD couldn’t afford to change. Wanna know what they looked like?? Here’s what it looked like when we took it out…

Now here’s a look at while cleaning and the after affect…

WOW!! We spent millions and all it takes is for someone to wash em off / out! Imagine… if someone could be confident enough to tell an officer what.. how and when to do this how much money we’d save the city. Imagine if we hadn’t have taken the chance and did it on our own how much it would have cost when the system clogged up?? Is that progressive thinking? And here’s another thought.. GUESS WHAT… WE LIVE HERE! Yea.. 24 hrs a day.. this is OUR house! You designed and built it (having never lived in a firehouse) but WE live here. I’m ashamed! My boys deserve MORE! We all do! Green my BUTT…. Looks BROWN to me. Guess I should explain a little because I am disgruntled and my life right now is up side down! Nothing is going right! Work or personal… NOTHING!! I’m packing..cleaning out.. getting ready to paint and for hard wood floors at the house.. talk about stress. WOW! I never realized how big my house was until I began to pack it up… empty closets and drawers double the space..

Put this on top of hay and I’m at my LIMIT!! Ive gotten several comments in the last week but haven’t posted em. Yea.. everyone knows I haven’t updated on a regular basis and yea.. everybody has seen my new farm hand. Well guess what?? Female farm hands ain’t all what it seems to be. I don’t know what it is about them and glass in a tractor but I do know they don’t mix…

Been there done that! OMG!!!! My farm gals and tractor windows! I’m better off with the Buckaroo.. Think I would have learned that by now..

He’s been on the job and regular and I assume that you all can figure out that I’m NOT working this cycle. I’m on 13 and heading to OBX for the 4th. Heading out on Wednesday.. The 4th has a few special meanings for me and I’m not sure how they will all work out,,AGAIN I have a lot on my mind ( gotta figure the black dess..looking for a miricle.. jumps..rides.. blocks etc). Anyway.. I will update when I can.. I’m a little (ok,, a LOT) off right now but will get back in line. Give me a little time to sort things out and get back in tune. Hey if ya wanna gripe about posts..where’s #9 / 5???? Id like to see the new table.. Pics of the move…I hear it’s the BOMB!! Until I get right or off the beach.. pick on someone your own size.. PEACE OUT. Capt. Wines

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    And BTW I found the new farm hand on Match.com…. I was looking for a miricle