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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Size matters and yea….I have a big one!


Get your minds out of the gutter…. I’m talking about mustaches for Pete’s sake! Say what you will but, when it comes to mustaches, “SIZE” really does matter. Now, like I said (and I aint bragging) I have a big one. That said, I don’t know many other fellas that even come close to being in the same catagory. As a ...

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Trick or Treat ! Happy Halloween 2010


I’m gonna post later on this evening / tonight but wanted to take a minute or two for a few quick updates and to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween. The meaning of Halloween changes drastically from childhood to adulthood and even more so when you’re a firefighter. For the kids, it’s all about dressing up in whatever costume ...

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Counseling Session for Better Judgment…This is Great Judgment.

I received a "counseling session" on Tuesday from my Battalion Chief ('s NOT the first). He advised me that our Deputy Chief had instructed him to "council" me on using "better judgment" pertaining to my post here on the site. He spoke specifically about the first day of this last cycle post ( or the Oct. 23rd post.. Nothing says 4 day break is over like a working fire)

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I can’t shake it. I don’t know why but some of em just “stick” and stay with ya. Here it is 11 am and I’m still sitting here running it through my mind. I did find out one interesting thing… Did you know that you can order a pizza and 2 liter drink and have it delivered anywhere you want  online?? ...

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You never get used to it. Some act as if they are numb or oblivious to it but but I for one HATE it. For the 3rd day in a row, we get the call for a diabetic in a “low income” type housing. An adult female  unconscious on the couch. No bulbs in the sockets so I know to ...

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Some needed rest…


Today is Wednesday the 20th and here in Va. it’s a cool rainy morning which for me is kinda good news. Good in that 1.) we can always use the rain and 2.) this weather will allow me to slow down and take somewhat of a “break” today. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here for the past little bit and ...

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Getting my "move" on!


It’s the 2nd day of my first cycle at my new digs. LUCKY #13! I’m out here with Lt. George (Georgie) Perdue and FF / EMT Todd (Boots) Harris. We are a single engine company with only 3 assigned (we are holding a vacancy here). It seems as though our Department goes from over staffed to running short from one day to ...

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A little rest before the big day…


Ok… it’s been a few days since I checked in so I’ll give a quickie to hold ya over until tomorrow. I’ve been on 4 day break and the weather has been BEAUTIFUL. You know what that means … make hay while the sun is shinning. Yep.. me and the Buckaroo have been going at it pretty hard. Here’s his ...

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Pulling an A-shift tour..


Today, I’m paying my dues for hanging out by the pool in Nags Head and drinking beer. On one of my last visits, I called up an old friend and talked him into covering my shift thus giving me a couple extra days to soak up the sun and relax by the beach. Today, I’m paying that favor back by pulling ...

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