I can’t shake it. I don’t know why but some of em just “stick” and stay with ya. Here it is 11 am and I’m still sitting here running it through my mind. I did find out one interesting thing… Did you know that you can order a pizza and 2 liter drink and have it delivered anywhere you want  online?? All ya need is a computer and credit card. Hummmmm… this internet stuff is really something aint it? The bad news is that there are some neighborhoods in our City that most pizza companies wont deliver to. I wonder if you add enough to the tip and explain who you are  if they’ll deliver just that one order anyway??? 😉 Hmmmm? I can remember my little brother and I having a “pizza party” as kids. Of course, for us; it was more for fun or entertainment rather than necessity. We were LUCKY. I hope there was a pizza party somewhere in North West last night. I hope it made a difference. I wonder the impact the party or even the “visits” while on the calls will have on the boy. It brings to mind a now retired / resigned city firemen M. Coleman and (now “old”) station #5.

Years ago, we had “stores” inside the stations. The men sold items such as bread, milk, eggs etc. Of course they also carried candy and “soda pop” but the reality was that we (they… the FIREFIGHTERS) were providing a service to the community. At Station #5, they had a large yard . Despite the garden, there remained enough room for the local kids to gather for daily football games etc. Firehouses were “community centers”. A place to gather. Somewhere to buy necessities, meet and talk with neighbors or a safe haven for the kids to play. Back in the day, Marvin Coleman was one of those kids. He has told himself that the men from #5 practically raised him. Food, cloths etc…. it didn’t matter, Marvin had what he needed. Later, he graduated high school, applied for and became a firefighter. WOW!!!! The brothers from a small “single engine” house in a “poor” section of town made THATmuch of an impression on Marvin as a child. I know we always “try” to do the “right thing”, but how many times do we actually “get it right”?

 I wonder the impression we’ve  made on that little boy every time we’ve entered that apartment I spoke of last night ? What will he think of firefighters? What impression have we left? Will he know and understand the compassion and care he’s been shown? Will it change or guide his views? Will it move him as it did Marvin and propel him to a career of service? Who knows, maybe he doesn’t even have a clue.

 I just hope he likes pepperoni.