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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Sexy models, hooker boots and wings….


What else could a firefighter ask for? All dressed up…. ”ling-a-ree”, hooker boots  and wings … looking like angels … throw in a midget or two and I’d be in heaven! Just a quick reminder of the Victoria’s Secretions CBS TV special tonight @ 10 pm (EST). The count down to the show is on the right hand side bar. I’m out ...

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Raw video and pics of Roanoke house fire


I’ve been calling my new house “lucky 13″ and her name held true again yesterday. We should have been the “working fire” engine but instead was the 1st to roll in. An 81 year old man, who usually needs a wheel chair or walker to get around; was alerted by smoke detectors and escaped without injury. I posted the local ...

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Wounded Warriors

As with all his postings, it is well written and touching. He somewhat "opens up" in the post. That's something most Firemen have a difficult time doing. He showed personal feelings. He showed he cares. He is passionate about our profession and strong in his beliefs. Something in this post upset him and it showed... he cursed...

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Firefighter tattoos and a give away….


Ok, we can officially start counting down the days until Christmas. I don’t know about you folks but, the Buckaroo and I had better be on Santa’s “nice” list this year. What?? Don’t look at me like that! I’ve been nice! Well, either way I know what I want for Christmas…. wait…. there’s a lot of stuff I want but ...

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Friday night "quicky"


It’s been a long, cold and windy Friday but I’m back  in the house and under the electric blanket.  The Buckaroo and I were talking today and discussing how well the move over to the Fire/EMS Blog Network has been for Here lately, things have been going really well and that’s odd for me.  The hits, new friends etc are ...

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