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Monthly Archives: December 2010

On the mend …


Sorry I haven’t been here over the past few days but whatever I came down with has had a pretty good hold on me. I have literally been in the bed and unable to move since Sunday night … and NOT because Santa’s Sexy Helpers had me worn down. At first, I thought that maybe one of them gave me “something” . You ...

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Why modern Building construction (design) SUCKS!


I’m SICK. I’m not sure I can say it enough to make ya fully understand. I think one of “Santa’s Sexy Helpers” must have “slipped me a mickey”.. LOL.  I’ve always said that if you ever hear that I’m in the hospital and really want to see (or cuss ) me, you had better come quick because it’s BAD. Well, ...

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Can you believe it??


Days on top of days of Santa’s Sexy Helpers and look what I found under the tree …. Once again… MERRY CHRISTMAS from…. I’ll update later Stay safe and in house…. thanks to those pulling the tour so I can be home… here and abroad. Captain Wines

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Ok, that’s enough silliness for the night. It’s Christmas Eve 2010 and I wanted to take a serious moment and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Our Battalion Chief (Teddy Adkins) is off sick but still made arrangements to have steaks delivered to every station on the North Battalion. Well done Chief … they were ...

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A "Blast from the Past" .. the night before Christmas

Years ago, there was a web site around town here. The site was called the “Rumor Mill”. It was a little ahead of it’s time … it got a LOT of traffic. It caused a ton of controversy … the writers spoke of political issues, departmental woes and for the most part gave their opinion. Needless to say, feelings were hurt. ...

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Christmas Eve update


Yea, I know…. a much needed one. In my defence, I have been busy and still managed to get a “Sexy Santa’s Helper” up every day as promised. Like everyone else, I’ve spent the last 4 days shopping. Well, I assume everyone else waits until the last minute because I ran into em everywhere I went. For me, shopping is ...

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Christmas Eve "eve"


I cut it as close as possible but I was able to finish up my shopping tonight. Gonna spend a little time wrapping before getting up early to feed and head to the station. I’ll check in and catch ya up sometime tomorrow. Until then, here’s tonight’s Santa’s Sexy helper … Stay safe and in house… Captain Wines

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Chicago LODD


You gotta be shitting me!  As usual, I’m behind. Just getting in the house and learning of the loss of 2 brothers in Chicago an the injury of several more. Here’s the video news conference….   I understand these brothers were lost while fighting a fire in a vacant structure and on the 100th anniversary of the 1910 Chicago Union ...

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