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2 Videos from The Bedford Vol. Fire Department

The 1st looks like a “end of year” type video from the Bedford Vol. Fire Department also known as “Little Brooklyn” or the “FDTB” LMAO! Bedford is a relatively small “Town” just East of here.  We have a few members on the job here who vollie out there (“two hatters”) and they often take a little ribbing.  The honest answer is that the Town really has their act together as far as firefighting. They have a long and active roster and even a couple “live in” members. They are well trained and aggressively safe. Hell, they even have better equipment than we do …. doesn’t matter though … I still enjoy busting Creasy and Fulton’s balls.

“Red Fox to Grey Squrell over…”       “413 to Bedford.. K”    LMAO… The 2nd is titled “Old School” and is pretty cool … Check out their web site  HERE and the videos below

Stay Safe and in House.

Captain Wines

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