Counting Backwards!

Ok, so I’m laying here trying to fall asleep knowing that I have to drive to Fla and back by Saturday. I’m thinking of how tired I already am.

I’m thinking of how tired you guys must be as well.

We are and have been doing too much with too little! America HAS FORGOTTEN!!


Here we are in America’s “GREATEST” profession and we can’t afford to work or retire!


Yea … we can’t afford either! Here I am a 20 yr veteran, a 10 yr Captain making $50,000.00 a year and when I’m not working , I’m thinking about where I can or how I need to be working somewhere  else.  IT’S ASHAME!

Take NASCAR for example. Carl Edwards didn’t even win the Daytona 500 yet he made $1,129,980.00 for the event! OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS FOR A SINGLE RACE.  He put his life on the line.   YEA … he coulda / woulda got killed if he had wrecked bad enough for all of your  (our) enjoyment. That’s why we pay him right??? to see him wreck and risk his life?

WE … AMERICA’S FIREMEN put our lives on the line  EVERY DAY  to save yours. We are not killing ourselves for your viewing pleasure, we will do it so that you and yours may live!  We do it for YOU … but for a different reason.  What do we get??? SHIT!  

Don’t get me wrong … I’m not asking for a “hand out” and neither would any of my brothers or sisters but somewhere … sometime …. someone has to wake up and realize that this stuff is  “MESSED UP”!!!

Nascar drivers (and other professional sports players) make MILLIONS per game or event yet our firefighters, cops and medics are facing repositions,  foreclosures and worry about making bills from month to month?

Sure, I have a nice house… I built it. With my own hands (mine, Scott Mutter’s and a few other firemen). I also have a nice mortgage. Yea.. I have cattle.  THEY ALSO EAT! I buy or make their food!.

I have tractors …. THEY RUN ON DEISEL ….. $3.49 PER gallon!

I thought when I built the house that propane was the way to go … cost efficient .. environmentally efficient etc. NOT TODAY!

Where did I go wrong? Did I go wrong or has everything else collapsed around me?

Have we forgotten?

Where has AMERICA gone???

I’m not sure how much longer I can fight. It’s ruined me and I fear has encapsulated  us all!

In the Fire Service… we used to ask … “how long you been on the job?”

Today it’s “how long you got?”  ….. WTF!!!   The Fire Department is NOT supposed to be this way! How long until you can leave … ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

Is that how we now measure ourselves?

#$@* *&^%$#^&^&^&RE@ %$##@** !!!

(yea… I was cursing ……)

It’s gotta get better ….. I hope soon!

Stay safe and in house.

Captain Wines