"Sh%*" Burns!

LMAO…. we’ve been saying it all along and now, The Fire Geezer has confirmed it!

Check out Bill Schumm’s latest post about a NYC fire   HERE

I can’t help but to to think about   Nate Demarse    and the other Brothers and Sisters of the FDNY who have to face “crap” like this… (did you get that??? “Crap” like this …LMAO). 

All kidding aside, most folks have NO IDEA the kind of situations etc that our Brothers and Sisters across the Country have to deal with on a day to day basis.

I’m sorry they had to but I’m also just as sure that the Brothers of the FDNY handled this one exceptionally …… I also bet it got several laughs.

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines

  • Nate DeMarse

    CAN JOB!!! lol

  • Get that antiquated nasty rubber band off of your helmet ! It’s time to upgrade to an illuminating high temperature silicone band from Foxfire !!!!

    • LMAO.. Zach I was thinking about you yesterday. I wish I had the band to wear durring the training. It would have made so much difference in that tube! Our luggage had to be mixed so it ended up in Rhett’s bag and I didnt have it to wear. I will tomorrow though. On a side note, I also received the t-shirt, paint etc this morning. I took some pics and will make the application soon. A product review is so close you should be tasting it . Speaking of tasting … tell Aryie we said hello …LOL.