Happy Easter from Ironfiremen.com

What a BEAUTIFUL Easter morning here in Va.

I can imagine the excitement in everyone’s home as your “little ones” wake up to find what the Easter Bunny has left behind.

Brand new Easter outfits and the anticipation leading up to this afternoon’s Easter egg hunt. Let’s not forget the traditional Easter Dinner either …

I hope all of you have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful day and spend it with friends and family.

I had mine over the cell phone this morning. The Buckaroo called to tell me how the Easter Bunny had came and detailed all he left behind. I think he had already eaten most of the candy because he sure was excited. I wish I could have been there to see it.

I also missed our Sunrise Service this morning as I’m on duty. I pass our small country church on my ride into the City and got a great view of our congregation amassed atop the hill behind the church. The Church is old and a small one. It wasn’t until just 2 years ago that we got  indoor plumbing.  We live in a farming community so the Church is surrounded by hay fields and pasture. The grass here is turning a luscious green and the view by the church, up the rolling green hills, acres away as the congregation gathered around a large wooden cross with cattle  looking on and the sun beginning to break the horizon, was nothing short of spiritual. I should have taken a photo but was too caught in the moment. My Easter … A Fireman’s Easter.

That’s the point I wanted to make this morning. As you folks go about your day … whatever it may entail, remember that there are Brothers and Sisters all across the Country pulling a tour today. Folks on the job who missed Sunrise Service. Brothers who didn’t get to see the excitment in their kid’s eyes, who will miss Easter egg hunts and Easter Dinner.

I wanted to find a few pics of “Easter at the Firehouse” and ended up finding several of the Easter Bunny on the rigs. Here are just a few ….. if you have some (on the rig or in the station) I’d love to see em!  HAPPY (and safe) EASTER !

(above) Banksville Independent Fire Department(NewYork) Engine 158

(above) New Cumberland Fire / EMS  Cumberland County Pa.

Above photo from New Canaan’s The Daily .

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines