Back to duty ….

Well, vacation is over and I’m back to duty. I was kinda hoping for a slow day but in the Fire Department, that’s always a gamble. Our Battalion Chief is off on vacation this cycle (Sat, Mon, Wed) so I’m bumped up and “riding the car” (our term from riding the Chief / Battalion vehicle).

Riding the car has both good and bad points. On the good side, you’re not tied to a single company. When I’m at my regular assignment (“Lucky” Engine #13) we are confined to our “first due” territory. When riding the Battalion, my first due is the entire “North side” but I can roam basicly anywhere within the City limits .. North or South.

The bad side is all the scheduling, paperwork and additional responsibilities. Riding the car also means that you’re assigned to every fire run within your Battalion …. ie: you run more calls. Thankfully, it hasn’t been too busy on me today.

Nothing major to report so far.

I ran a vehicle fire earlier this morning with our brothers from the South Side (“The Big Show” … Station #1).

The fire was on our side of the tracks but in one of the locations where both North and South side companies respond.

The Brothers got in there fast and made quick work of the job. It was a “can handle” for the Engine and Medic.

The call came in as next to and spreading to a structure so it got a “full response”.

That means 2 Engines, a Ladder, a Medic unit, an EMS Supervisor and the Battalion ran the call.

Of course the vehicle was nowhere near the structure so the “can handle” signal was given and most companies returned to service.

It was kinda funny, I ended my last shift with a car fire and started this one with another.

The remainder of the day has been routine runs, a little R&R and some paperwork.

Since I’m bumped to the Battalion, “Georgie” and “Boots” have bumped at Lucky #13 as well.

When I’m off or away, my Lieutenant (George Perdue) steps up and operates as the OIC (Officer In Charge) of the company. In turn, that also means that “Boots” (Todd Harris) moves up to the driver’s seat.

They have had a fairly busy tour today.

Georgie sent me this pic of a vehicle vs. a boat ….

LMAO … a vehicle vs. a boat in the city … imagine the things running through your head en route to that call

Obviously, the boys made quick work of this incident as well .. no serious injuries.

My last post was on today’s events in Richmond, Va. Today was the Va. Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service. Our Honor Gaurd participated in the ceramony and we had several Chief Officers and members in attendance as well. One of our own, Battalion Chief Billy Obenchain; was one of the 7 members honored today.

I had several postings on Chief Billy, his battle with CTCL and his passing here on the site. View on of my favorites  HERE .

The 7 members remembered and honored today were .. Billy Obenchain, William “Danny” Altice, Posey Dillon, Timothy Pigg, Carl Persing, William “Hal” Clark and Zyglmantas Zalys. We should also take a monent today to remember our two brothers lost in San Francisco. Today we learned that FF/Medic Anthony Valerio did not survive his injuries sustained in a house fire this past Thursday. His Lieutenant,  Vincent Perez died at the hospital that morning.

I didn’t get to watch the entire live coverage today but I understand that it was a beautiful service and that our Honor Gaurd represented us well. I’m sure Chief Billy was looking down on the boys proudly and with a smile.

The Honor Gaurd, families and most attendees received these “Challange Coins” … a VERY nice touch!

The members of our Honor Gaurd who were in attendance were … Battalion Chief Roger Manual, Captain Chris Trussler, Lt. Robert Reid, Lt. Dan Goodwin, Zach Obenchain (Chief Obenchain’s son), Richard Lipes, Travis Meador,  Josh Hull,  and Jeff East. There are also members from Salem and Roanoke County who serve in the Honor Gaurd but I’m not sure who were in attendance (sorry guys .. drop me a note and I’ll update the list).

In other news, The Roanoke Rampage played our last game of the 2011 season today against the Washington Generals in DC.

We were forced to play “Ironman football” again and sadly lost.

This finishes out our 2nd season in the National Public Safety Football League with a record of 1-3.

Obviously, I wasn’t able to make the game because I couldn’t get off or find coverage for my shift. I’ll post more on my thoughts and the team in the future but for now, I’ll say that I have been greatly disappointed with the support that we have received. I’ll add that I have also been twice as proud of all the coaches, players and staff for the job and effort put forth in an effort to support two great charities. There is a TON of work that goes on “behind the scenes” to make these events happen and much of that credit goes to our Team President and player Captain Todd Stone and his wife Marci. The players … what can I say? They take a beating in the name of charity. This is FULL CONTACT football folks … the hits are REAL. I am proud to have taken the field with these guys and want to say “THANK YOU” for the time and effort. I hope we continue building and play again in 2012.

Well I didn’t make it to DC but the Buckaroo took the girls up to support the team despite my absence.

Of course, since he was already there; he scheduled in a tour of DC as well.

And what would a tour of DC be without a trip to the Zoo??

LOL .. two monkeys!

Look at the little fella ride that thing…. is there any doubt why I call him my “Buckaroo”? LOL

That’s my boy …. if he can’t ride or eat it … he pees on it …LOL

I’ve gotten several text messages and calls and they seem to be having a good trip.

I think it’s just what the Buckaroo needed …. a short break from farming.

The last few weeks have been hard on the little fella.

What with all the  barn building, mowing, tedding, raking and baling hay and all…oh yea .. and let’s not forget the creek playing.

I think I almost wore him out.

He has slept like a rock every night

LOL .. whats up with that hair???

So there ya have it … I think I’m going to stop here for tonight. Hopefully, I’ll get back on a regular posting schedule now that I’m back to a normal routine and not working from sun up to sun down.

I will leave ya with another fire picture. This one is not from my Department or anywhere around here I hope. I don’t know any details. I can’t even remember where I snagged it … Face Book or Firefighter Nation. I do remember that the person in the photo was bragging on how he really cooked his gear.

Hummmmmm. A shed fire … stories and reports of “MAYDAYS” and Firefighter fatalities daily … is the guy in this picture smart? 

Where are his Officers? Who would let a man get into this position with a dry line? Why would you?

 Doesn’t look so smart to me …. you be the judge.  What do YOU think? Leave me a comment.

Stay SAFE and in house!

Captain Wines