You all know by now that thigh highs are my weakness ( well… thigh highs and midgets ) so I figured why not do a Top Ten list for Stocking Stuffers?

I’d say the stockings pictured on the right are pretty well “stuffed” and yes, I know that those stockings are knee highs vs. thigh highs but what’s a couple of inches??

Anyway, obviously; these are not the type of stockings I’m talking about “stuffing”.

Tomorrow is “Black Friday” and the Christmas shopping frenzy will begin.

Rhett always does a Top Ten Christmas Gift list for the firefighter in your life so I figured to add to your choices by giving you some “smaller” options that fit a firefighter’s budget… STOCKING STUFFERS !!

10.) The FatIvan Door Chock

The world’s only fold up door chock!

The fat Ivan is only 4″ x 2″ x 1″ and weighs in at 5oz.

Visit the FatIvan web site   HERE .

They can also be purchased from The Fire for about $14.00



9.) The Westsider Fornt Holder

Nothing says PRIDE like a custom made helmet front or holder.

The Westsider was conceived and is made by a Firefighter for Firefighters!

Jonathan Nixon says he came up with the idea because, like many of us; he wanted a front holder that would hold up under working firefighter conditions.

The cost is about $30.00 and is offered mostly through his Face Book Page  HERE .

8.) The Bowring Fire Tool.

This is the most expensive item on my list. At $125.00 I almost didn’t include it but I think for a multi-purpose tool, it’s a good value.

The Bowring boasts 12 different functions in one handy tool!

“Pound for pound”, they call it the most versatile firefighter tool yet.

It’s 8.3″ x 5.9″ and weighs in at 22oz. Another great fit for a Firefighter’s pocket.

You can find the Bowring ( and plenty of videos / testimonials etc ) by clicking  HERE .


7.) Channel Lock #87 Rescue Tool

Another multi-purpose tool made specifically for Firefighters.

The #87 Rescue Tool offers 5 different functions.

It’s overall length is 8.8″ and it weighs in at 1.1 lbs.

I did a “Product Review” on this tool back in June 2011 …

See my “review”  HERE .

Learn more by visiting the Channel Lock web site HERE . The tool can be purchased there for under $50.00 but can also be found cheaper by clicking  HERE .

( They can also be found at Home Improvement Stores such as Lowes, Home Depot etc.

6.) Rak Wear Memorial Pins

Another item that says “PRIDE” !

Each of these pins is made of high quality 3D polished nickel and enameled. The pins are 3/4″ high and 1 1/4″ wide. They can be purchased individual for under $10 or as a 3 pin set for under $30.

Click HERE to visit their site.

Also see a “Product Review” from the Fire Critic by clicking  HERE .

5.) Rak Wear Firefighter T-shirts

Another quality option from Rak Wear!

The good news here is that you have several options to choose from …..

“The Final Tribute” , “Firefighter” or “Rescue” print.

They also offer various styles, colors and sizes ( for both men and women).

The shirts run about $35.00. For more details and descriptions, visit their web site HERE .

This is another product that received high marks from a Fire Critic Product Review …

See that product review HERE .

(Firefighters love T-shirts and they’re easy to roll up and stuff into a stocking)

4.) America’s Female Firefighter Calendar

Oh YEA !!!

What firefighter wouldn’t want one of these hanging in his locker?

This calendar made the #1 Spot in The Fire Critic’s 2012 Top Ten Female Firefighter Calendar review! (it came in at #5 for 2011).

A bonus to buying this calendar is that proceeds benefit charity …”AFF’s mission is to Raise and Expend funds for the benefit of burn survivors across the United States

AND IT ONLY COSTS $6.00 ! Click  HERE  to purchase yours.

To see the Fire Critic’s full Top Ten female Calendar review, click HERE (he also has a male calendar review on his site).


3.) Fox Fire Illuminating Tool / Grip Wrap.

This product doesn’t just glow, it ILLUMINATES ! You have to see it to believe it.

The rolls contain about 50″ inches of wrap (enough for 1 pulling or 2 swinging tools) and comes in 4 different colors.

It has no adhesive so it can used over and over (it adheres to itself).

Firefighter tested and approved, it holds up to heat and the abuses of “the job”

Cost per roll is just under $50 and can be purchased HERE .

Learn more by visiting their web site  HERE.

2.) Fox Fire Illuminating Helmet Band

ANOTHER great product for FoxFire / MN8.

I think it’s a MUST HAVE for every Firefighter.

The band is charged by any kind of light but 15 minutes in direct sun light will charge it for up to 15 hours. No batteries, cord etc ….

The band is also firefighter tested and approved. I don’t think there is a better product on the market to assist with accountability. Your firefighter’s life is absolutely worth this purchase.

The cost is under $25.00 … click  HERE to purchase yours or HERE to learn more.


1.) The Ironfiremen / Fire  “Brotherhood Chip”

Every firefighter wants one ! ( well …. both of our readers do anyway …LOL)

Challenge Coins are a long held tradition within the Military, Fire and Police Service. Give your firefighter one from 2 of the Nation’s top Fire Service Bloggers!

The Fire Critic Logo on one side, my mug on the other. The words “Tradition”, “Honor”, “Pride”, “Respect” and “Brotherhood” on the edge.

Smaller and lighter than most challenge coins, they carry well in your front pocket.

It’s also the most affordable item in my Top Ten at only $5.00 each ( special deals for multiple purchases … $5 each or 2 for $10 …LOL )

Get more details and purchase yours by clicking  HERE .

So there you have it … ten GREAT (and affordable) items to stuff the Christmas stocking of your favorite firefighter. I hope you seen something you like …

Thanks for reading / following ….

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines