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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Did ya feel it??


It's actually very funny because I get to see both sides. When in public, they are always throwing "jabs" at each other (although they are very professional while teaching / speaking) BUT .... when we are alone, they can often be seen holding hands and skipping down the hallway of our hotel...LMAO (I throw up in my mouth every time I see it).

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Where were YOU when the world stopped turning


For a little local "catch up", the Brothers and Sisters from our South Side caught a little work last day ( Sunday ) and a citizen caught it on video. Rhett has the complete set of all 3 videos over on Va Fire News HERE . I'll include "part 1" which includes the knock down ...

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"Old School" Captains …


There was a "life lesson" or some sort of Fire Department training in every task. They worked hard and expected the same of you. There was never an option other than "the right thing" and they ALWAYS looked after their members.

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Someone you need to know …flowing foam, dragging 2 1/2", visitors and more


TRUST ME .... get to know this guy and support the National Firefighters Endowment ANY WAY YOU CAN! These are the folks helping us... the firefighters. In these times of cut backs in staffing, salaries, station closings / brown outs etc .. who else is on our side? Shane gave a GREAT interview in Rhett's 2nd "20 Questions" installment... he explains a lot of what the NFE is all about .... take the time ... READ IT!

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Better late than never!


SPECIAL THANKS to Seal Team 6 for a job well done. I only wish that his death could have been much slower and painful. The thousands that he murdered and the many more he left behind suffered. He should have too.

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Alive and well


TRUST ME ... it's NOT an easy thing to do. Especially in a Department like ours. I'll go back to those two words.... TRAINING and DISCIPLINE. I applaud the effort and calls our guys are making out here on the street ... they're getting it RIGHT and our members are going home the next morning.

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