An alligator mouth and a hummingbird ass … will the Buchanan issue ever go away?

My last post, on the issues involving the Buchanan VFD and some of it’s members; has drawn several comments. See that post by clicking HERE .

My “unofficial policy” here at is to publish every comment, good or bad; as long as they are civil. There are certain “words” or phrases however that will cause me to delete rather than publish…. directed toward me personally or not.  I haven’t had to delete any comments for a while ( none for the post mentioned above) and always e-mail the author when I do .

When you go to, always be sure to click the “TITLE”  of the post so you can view the comments made  (Face Book and “regular” comments). Take the time to read em as well … these folks took the time to post em.

Today, I got a good one and I can’t help but share it. Surprisingly, several of the (Face Book) comments seem to lean toward supporting the folks and conditions  I mention in the post … I often times wonder if the folks leaving the comments actually read the post…. it’s almost comical and obvious they haven’t.

Here’s one of the latest comments from Kimberli (well that’s part of her e-mail address anyway… I’ll assume it’s her actual name). She wrote …


Are you happy now Mr Wines?  Have you finally achieved your goal you set out to achieve?  I am so disgusted at this whole situation.  Mr Wines appears to be obsessed with Billy Carter and the other members of the bvfd, He has devoted a ridiculous amount of time slandering him apparently the captain of the Roanoke city fire dept has nothing more to do with his time. Here’s my question to him in all this talk on his blog about being professional and brother hood why has he not shown any?  Mr Wines you can not Just talk the talk you have to walk the walk as well.  All he does is stick his nose and opinion in every one else’s business and start drama, ironic isn’t it to be a fire fighter and such a fire starter all at the same time.  I think its such a great idea Mr Wines to attack volunteers who are out here giving so much of their time to help the community as bjc is with that kind of moral booster I can’t believe more people aren’t jumping at the chance to volunteer.  Bjc had done alot for this community that you Mr Winey have failed to mention never once have you mentioned all the great things he had done for Buchanan I think its sad that no one ever remembers the good things he’s done  but they never ever forget the bad things he’s  done, so shame on you Willie Winey for beating up the reputation of a dedicated volunteer and Shame on you Buchanan for not remembering and turning your back as well except for the few of course who have stood up. But I am thankful that right here in the star city we have you Mr Winey the only perfect person ever to let  all the rest of us imperfect people know our mistakes.  You Mr Wines are a pathetic, nosey, condescending, spineless internet gangster, who’s alligator mouth often overides his hummingbird ass!”

For what I hope is the FINAL TIME on this issue, and in true Dave Statter fashion; allow me to address this comment and the questions  surrounding my postings on the Buchanan / Botetourt County issues.

To begin with, this (  is MY site … my BLOG.  The content found here is my personal opinion and views on whatever topic I decide to write about on any given day. I have the right to say it, you have the right to decide whether or not to read it.

This site, it’s content and my opinion is also NOT endorsed, edited, overseen  or approved by anyone other than ME. It is in NO WAY connected to my employer.

Ok… lets break down this latest comment … hang with me here “Kimberli” … I’ll type slow….

To begin with, she has the pay vs. work comparison backwards. She said “…CAPTAIN UNDER WORKED & OVERPAID” . I put  WAY too much time and effort (“work”) into this blog for little or no pay. I am shocked however that she presumes to know my work schedule and finances. It also puzzles me that she seems to think she knows my personal goals and objectives…I wonder if  we have met before?

I’m curious as to exactly how much time I’ve “devoted” to this issue and how she is are aware of that number. It would have also been nice if she would have given us her definition of exactly what a “ ridiculous amount”  of time is so that we can draw a fair comparison.

I’d also like to know when I “slandered” anyone. I’ve offered my opinion, stated FACTS and/or  used quotes from local TV or newspapers. I often times even provided links to verify my comments. I wonder if she sent a similar comment/e-mail to the news channels or the newspapers? That’s where I first learned of “BJC” and where I continued to get my information. I’d also like to hear her argument to whatever allegations she disputes. She’s offered none.

As far as my attacking volunteers … She’s are wrong again. I wonder if she’s  even read any of my posts? Did she “hit” or use the links I provided to help explain my position and the direction of the post? Obviously NOT. If she had, then she would have read THIS post (pssst .. Kimberli ..the word “THIS” is a link …click it … if that’s too complicated, CLICK HERE  instead).

Here’s another PRO volunteer post related to the issue … CLICK HERE. I’ve never had a paid vs. volunteer issue … I have a professional vs non-professional issue. In that post above, I said “I know a lot of damn good firemen who are volunteers. I know just as many “paid guys” who aren’t worth a dime. Paid or vollie … it doesn’t matter to me as long as you do the job. To expect less would be a disgrace to those who came before us.” I stand by that statement.

I have NOT failed to mention good things that the BVFD or “BJC” has done…. CLICK HERE …. She however HAS.

Why did she not mention any of those “good” things in her comment? Why not give us the examples? I’m sure there are several .. the Buchanan VFD was a VERY WELL respected  Department in the past. They’ve won awards, trophies etc due to their commitment and professionalism. ALL WELL DESERVED. I believe their image has been tarnished here of late and it has NOT been at my hand. I’ve NEVER ran a call for or in the town of Buchanan. I have never called and requested an interview on their behalf nor have I ever spoken publicly representing BVFD.

I also don’t think I “beat up” anyone’s reputation. I didn’t even know he HAD one or what that reputation may have been prior to my posting on the situations in which he was involved. Again, I posted on things I read in the local paper or saw on the local news. I can not control the opinion my readers arrive at following a post.

Here’s another thing … for me, it’s never been about the Buchanan VFD, it’s been about Botetourt County. I’m NOT  obsessed with Billy Carter” as she implied, rather; I’m against convicted felons in emergency services. That has been my point / direction all along. Buchanan just so happens to have a couple on their roster. They are not the only Department that does either. They ARE the only Department who kept popping up in the news and validating my point.

That said, “BJC” has often said that only one side of the story has been told (as she “Kimberli”  also implied in her comment). The ironic thing here is that he’s yet to offer an opposing “side”, view or justification for his comments / actions (Kimberli didn’t either). Ok, that’s not entirely correct, he (BJC) has attempted to give  “his side” but hasn’t. He keeps giving interviews but still has given no explanation.

Click below to watch the exclusive full interview WDBJ7  conducted with Billy Joe after he stepped down as Chief of the Buchanan VFD.

Watch WDBJ7 interview… click HERE

Maybe it’s just me but, following that interview; I’m still left with more questions than answers. I wish he could have gotten “his side” of the story out … I’d love to hear it…. I don’t think he did.

In the interview, he said he felt pressured to step down as Chief. He never said where the pressure came from. Was it’s coverage? Was it Botetourt County who asked him to step down? Maybe the Town of Buchanan? Could it have been the editorial staff of the Roanoke Times who said…” An asbestos suit can’t protect Billy Joe Carter from self conflagration ignited by his heated rhetoric and actions” in an article asking that he step down?

See that editorial HERE

As to “Kimberli’s”  opening question, “Are you happy now Mr Wines?” …. YES, I am. I am happy “now” and have been for a while. My happiness however is not related to her,  BJC, the Buchanan VFD,  Botetourt County or any issues surrounding them. I’m a much simpler person. My happiness is centered around, family, friends and health.

Her closing comment …  “You Mr Wines are a pathetic, nosey, condescending, spineless internet gangster, who’s alligator mouth often overides his hummingbird ass!” LMAO …well, that’s her opinion and she’s entitled to it. I thank her for sharing it and ask only that next time, she stand behind her comments and sign her name.

Captain Wines


  • Jessi Re

    I believe Kimberli needs to go back to grade school and learn how to communicate in a more “grammatically correct” fashion. Her thoughts were scattered and poorly written. What a waste of time and space.

  • Willie, I’m mad at you because your taller than me. I’m also mad that you have a challenge coin and a kilt and I don’t. I’m going to blog about this cause your a big meanie and such a bully. Keep up the strong work Brother. Hate not being in Baltimore with yall causing some trouble.

  • Tom

    Willie!!! Stop clouding emotion with all these FACTS!!!
    Great response.

  • Cap,
    Keep doing what you’re doing Brother. You bring great information to the round table. EVERYONE’s a critic, you’re tuff, you can take it. Stay safe Brother! FTM-PTB

  • BCES Vollie


    I would like to thank you for shedding light on the issues facing Botetourt, specifically in Buchanan. Its hard to believe how many people quickly judge without understanding the entire story, especially when that is their argument against you. I’m sure it comes to you as no surprise, though having to deal with the public on a daily basis. Please don’t let the hate get to you, I think the other 32,000 residents of Botetourt outside of Buchanan feel safer now.

    You have really stuck your neck out on this issue and have had the courage to call out Billy Joe and everyone that allowed it to get this far out of control publicly. I know that is something the rest of us responsible, haven’t been able to do without being anonymous for fear of reticule (even still so). I personally believe that you may have very well saved someone’s life by creating the attention you did (intentional or not). I think the Roanoke Times put it best that Billy Joe would have forced himself out of the system eventually, but you and Rhett sped the process up. I do hate however, that your family had to be threatened and your good name put out for judgement, all for a jurisdiction you never deal with and a person you had probably never even met.

    As I said in my previous post months ago, Billy Joe’s actions will and now have created a black eye here in the ‘tot, but we can only blame ourselves for allowing it.

    I had the opportunity to run into you in person a couple months ago, unfortunately I could tell that you had much more urgent matters to deal with and it was quite early in the morning, but I’m sure our paths will cross again and I’ll one day shake your hand for all you have done for us. I hope this is the last time you ever have to hear or post about BJC and Buchanan.

    Stay safe,

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  • marylou

    I realize this post is old but well said! I remember when the BVFD was one of the greatest volunteer Fire Dept, around! I have Hope that they get back what has been missing ~ lost for a long time! I remember the kind of Fire Dept it use to be when my Uncle Captain Danny Morris was alive, they were looked up to and respected! They knew they were looked at with a different eye, whatever they did in their personal lives carried over into their lives as Firemen! It just seemed so different back then, I remember it was nothing to see Danny, Carl Keith, Jack Fowler going around checking on people, recharging their freezers, pumping out somebodies basement untill the wee hours of morning and why because that was the type of men they were! Anyway Thank you Captain it seems you are made out of the same cloth as my uncle was made out of a very rare one of a kind like all GREAT firemen! I just Hope there are more to come along!

    • Thanks for the comment Mary. Im happy to report that Botetourt County is doing a great job in working to get the Buchannan Fire Department back to where it should be…. back to where it was before … like during the times you spoke of. More good news is that the Department still has members with the attitude and dedication as you described in your Uncle (young and old) only now, they are not over shadowed by the problem they once had. I fully expect them to be back to the level Buchanan residents expect and deserve in no time. Thanks again for the comments … Captain Wines