PRIDE … going the extra mile and making a kid smile

Rhett and I talk a lot about PRIDE.

For us, it’s a huge part of what makes up Brotherhood … Pride, Honor, Respect and Tradition.

We’ve actually incorporated those words into our Challenge Coins, Brotherhood Chips and apparel.

If you haven’t seen them our gotten yours yet, use the links below (we are currently out of the Chips) …

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It’s more than that though, there are so many aspects of Pride. Pride in your self, Pride in your Company, your Department and the Fire Service as a whole.

I’ve been off from work the past 13 days due to a minor injury and, must admit; wasn’t very excited about having to return. It didn’t take long for my attitude to change and the day turn into one of those that makes you proud to be a firefighter.

We had a visitor this morning … a very special visitor!

4 year old Hunter Moseley, his sister Carolyn and dad Baron dropped by for a visit.

I met Hunter’s dad, Baron; through and my Face Book page.

He knows several local firefighters and is Grandfather is actually a retired Captain from my Department.

We had a great conversation one night about how much Hunter loves firefighters. I didn’t have to wonder why after learning that  he’s been surrounded by Brothers bearing the name Obenchain and Houff.

The story then took a darker turn.

You see, little Hunter suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

He has physical therapy at least once a week and that’s in addition to his regular Dr. visits. Throw in a trip down to Duke Medical Center every so often and it’s easy to see that the little fella has a rough schedule.

It doesn’t seem like he has a lot of time to have fun or “play” … to be a kid.

His mother passed away soon after Hunter was born so Baron has been raising his children alone.

He explained to me how every minute that he’s not working, or taking Hunter for a Doctor visit, he’s tries to do something “fun” with the kids. Something they’ll enjoy. I told him he HAD to bring Hunter by for a visit.

As it turned out, Baron contacted me this morning and was wondering if they could stop in and say hello. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We would have went and picked them up!

Baron explained to me that Hunter may be a little shy at first but in no time, we had him in a helmet.

I explained to him that if ya wear the helmet, you gotta be in the rig.

Up he went …. right to the Captains seat.

We could tell he was excited. It was then that I explained that just sitting in the rig wasn’t near as fun as riding in it.

Next thing you know, we were out the door!

His eyes were as big as his ball cap and his smile was ear to ear (dad’s was just as big …lol)


Of course then I had to explain to him that there is more to being a firefighter than just riding in the rig …. you have to do a little work.

We quickly made a nearby empty parking lot and stretched the trash line.

Yep … little Hunter got the nozzle!

Now he was really excited.

He advanced it a little …. checked out the patterns and seen what kind of distance he could get.

I’m not sure who was having the most fun … Hunter or Randy …LOL

Then I explained that you just can’t take the nozzle, pass out a few “high fives” and head back home … there’s more work to be done.

It was time to “take up”

I knew he looked good in that red helmet for a reason … Hunter is a born supervisor and would make a great Captain.

He helped our little “Rookie Randy” (his new best friend) pack the hose back just the right way. These two little fellas made for a heck of an attack team (that is if we ever catch a parking lot fire …LOL)

After taking up, we headed back to quarters.

Of course once back in house, Hunter stocked up on all the typical fire safety, education materials. Coloring books, stickers etc.

I can’t explain the emotions from the entire morning.

Watching my crew interact with little Hunter and Carolyn. George (Lt. Perdue) like an Uncle and Randy like a big brother. Hunter had full rein and he knew it … it excited him.

There was no doubt that he had never had an experience like this before and that he truly enjoyed it. PRIDE doesn’t even begin to touch what we felt after seeing all of their reactions.

You see, that’s just it. Baron was hoping for, maybe even only expecting a simple station tour and/or a chance to climb on the Engine for Hunter.  What he was unaware of was the PRIDE my Company has. PRIDE in all the aspects I mentioned above … Hunter, Carolyn and Baron would get nothing less than 100%.

I hope all of you feel and act the same way when you have visitors at your house / station (young or old). I know Rhett and the members of Station #3 A-shift do. Read about their latest visitors in the link below …

Read “This is why I am Proud to be a Firefighter” 

So why we’re talking about kids, I have another one to tell ya about.

This little fella’s name is Nathan Norman from Rustburg, Va.

He’s 6 years old and battling cancer … terminal Cancer…. and it’s feared that he may not survive until Christmas.

Like little Hunter, apparently; Nathan loves Firefighters, EMTs, Police Officers, Doctors and Nurses.


Nathan would LOVE to receive Christmas cards from as many of us as possible. I hope the response will exceed his expectations!


We’re sending one.

Actually, we’re going to send two. This is one we made to send to the Face Book page they have but I should note that they are asking for the card to be mailed … as in “snail mail” … the US Postal Service.

Here’s the address…

Nathan Norman

81 Dunivan Drive

Rustburg, Va. 24588

Visit his Face Book page HERE

My thoughts and prayers will be with both of these little fellas tonight and for many more to come … I know yours will be too. Thanks as always for taking the time to follow along. Hay field tomorrow and back on duty Tuesday. I’ll check back in as soon as possible … until then, stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines