Ian Swarr….. Butterflies.

DSCN1211I haven’t talked about the passing of the young and very good friend of mine, Ian Swarr. I can’t yet.

I do however want to say a few things today and share a video with you.

I met Ian a few years back via my work with MN8-FoxFire.  He suffered with “Epidermolysis bullosa” and touched me deeply. Learn more about “EB” in links HERE or HERE. His strength, determination, love, passion and humility was nothing short of humbling.  If you never met Ian, you missed out….. he was truly inspirational.

His funeral is tomorrow (Saturday June 14, 2014) following visitation tonight. I can’t make either as I’m in NY working. I am however going to stop and visit with his family on my way home Sunday morning. I hope I can remain strong.

I’m planning to live stream his services here on the web site…. I hope you take the time to watch. I find peace in knowing that Ian is no longer suffering…. that he no longer has to fight or be strong. I got to spend some time with him again just a few weeks back while in Harrisburg, Pa for Expo…. it was a blessing.

His service will be HUGE and well publicized but not for the reasons you may think. What you’ll see and read about in the next few days could easily be construed as what the “Fire Service” did for Ian…. that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The “story” here is how deeply, and to what extent;  a sick, teenage boy touch and impacted so many grown men and women. It was Ian who made a difference in our lives. It was Ian who set the example.

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines

  • My Friend and Brother Willie. I am on the same page. It breaks my heart that I cannot be there as well, but was honored to know Ian and be able to visit Troy and Delicia before we came to NY. You and I and our staff will watch this service as much as possible as it streams live on my 27″ iMac from the New York Show. I promise to have this on my iMac as much as I can throughout the day. Zachary I’m sure will represent us all with honor and dignity. Ian was a true “Iron Fireman!”