New Training Program from NFPA…Alternative Fuel Vehicles


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has announced the launch of its new Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training Program for U.S. Emergency Responders* (See below), which is now available online. This free, self-paced course teaches emergency responders how to safely deal with emergency situations involving alternative fuel passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and commercial fleet vehicles.

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South Dakota to Indy! Where will The Fire Critic and I be next?


Just like last year, The Fire Critic and I will be having another "meet up". This year, we have teamed up with several other groups / organizations to make the event even bigger and better than last years! I know ... you don't know how that can be possible but TRUST ME .... you will NOT want to miss this event!! This year, we are calling it The 2014 Firefighter Turnout and you wont want to miss it!

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Staffing saves lives!

10 15th st sw E9 crew

Shortly after his size up, Captain Perdue transmitted that he had multiple victims hanging out of windows (of the upper floors) and the hallway / stairwell heavily involved with fire.

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Rhett has known for a long time now what works and what doesnt as far as our web sites and social media outlets go. We've shared a vision and ever changing goals and we work every day to reach them.

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When staffing matters


I'd love to see em sit down with Leslie Alexander to have that conversation ... well Mr Alexander and Governor Rick THAT would be a video worth watching!

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Trial by Fire .. a MUST SEE video

"TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged," is a NEW documentary film about burn survivors and highlights life-saving fire prevention awareness. It features American War Hero and "Dancing With the Stars" Champion, J.R. Martinez and others who survive personal fire tragedy as well as focusing on what FIRE FIGHTERS do.

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