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Staffing saves lives!

10 15th st sw E9 crew

Shortly after his size up, Captain Perdue transmitted that he had multiple victims hanging out of windows (of the upper floors) and the hallway / stairwell heavily involved with fire.

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Turning Up the Heat at FDIC 2014!

Turnout logo

It will be an evening of camaraderie, food, drink, music, giveaways, contests, thousands of dollars in fire service prizes, the chance to meet popular fire bloggers & personalities & more! We have obtained a large venue (location close to the convention center and will be announced soon) and will be sharing it with many of our closest friends, colleagues and fellow bloggers.

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D.T.R.T… “Do The Right Thing” $8.13 brought tears to her eyes

Donna on LIRR

What if he hadn't picked me? Was this his last good meal? Where is he now? This man is someone's son. He may even be someone's father, brother etc. How many people have I neglected to help throughout my life? As a Firefighter, isn't that what I'm supposed to do... help others? Is that not what I "signed up" for? So many thoughts clouded my mind.

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Ask a Firefighter

Captain Willie Wines Jr and Battalion Chief Bobbie Slayton 2010

Rhett and I get a LOT of questions from our followers who are seeking guidance and / or advise. For whatever reason, they feel "comfortable" enough with us to ask some of the questions they may not normally ask (especially to someone on their own Department etc).

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A Death in the Family


My mother-in-law, Susie Mitchel Martin; passed away unexpectedly this weekend. Obviously, all my attention has been directed toward supporting my wife and family. I want to thank you for all the cards, e-mails, messages, thoughts, prayers etc.

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