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Support Systems

You gotta give it to Victoria Secretions … they make pretty good “support systems” Who would have ever thought that something as simple as a bra would and could have so many functions? Not many women today could do without em. Not many would want to. Their a “tool” of sorts. The right one decreases back and shoulder pain (or ...

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Another level of fame!

Oh yea.. I’m hitting the “big time” now! I bet Statter or The Fire Critic don’t have a Christmas oriniment … well, I do. Kinda … sorta… At least Hydrant Gal “thinks” it’s me ..LOL How’s that for a headline Statter?? “Ironfiremen’s influence has no borders” .. (she’s from Canada Dave). Cool huh? I’ve followed Hydrant Gal for some time ...

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Firefighter of the Year and Santa's sexy little helper

I mentioned in the last post that it’s snowing here in Va. and that has me in the Christmas mood! I can’t wait to go to the Mall and let Santa’s little helper sit on my lap. Ummmm… errrrrrrrr… wait…I mean I can’t wait to I sit on her lap. Ahhhhhhhh…no,  I mean I can’t wait to sit on …… ...

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