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Responding in severe weather conditions…

Photo by Metro Detroit Fire Photography

There are other factors to consider here as well. What kind of attack will we be making? Offensive, Defensive maybe transitional? With all this additional time we've accumulated, the fire has certainly gotten a good jump on us. Is life safety involved (is someone trapped inside)?

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Bringing in the "big guns"


In my experiences, planes rarely crash on airport property and that can work out to be good or bad. Personally, I'd rather they crash off site so I can get to it. Despite being in a big red fire truck, it takes an act of congress for us to get out onto airport property.

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Again, I'll use the word "HEART". You can't teach what pushed Lt. Kelley (and fellow members) up those steps as "oceans and waves of flames" rolled over his (their) head

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People worth dying for…


Everyday I work I meet people "worth" dying for. It's the people in my territory .... the people I'm sworn to protect. It's also the Brothers and Sisters I work with ... for me, they're all "worth it" but I don't think about it that way.

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I've drank at some very fancy places. I've also had a few at some dumps but this bar ranks right up there with the coolest ever. Almost every piece he used was salvaged from a 1988 Pierce Arrow.

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MERRY Christmas from Headquarters


Following the tragic events of Christmas Eve, the Fire Service is in shock. Having lost 2 Brothers in a senseless act of violence, it's difficult for those of us on the job to be "merry" about anything. Our hearts are heavy while our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of our fallen and injured.

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3 alarm fire in Roanoke, Va


The fire would empty every firehouse in the city causing the Department to "call back" members for duty. Typically, those members "called back" will staff "reserve" apparatus and place stations back in service.

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