Uggg. We just got off a beautiful 4 day break. The weather was great and all of us made good use of the time. Today has been one of those days where you just wish you were anywhere…well anywhere but here that is. Rainy and cool, my back is out and I’m sick. I can think of a thousand places I’d rather be. It’s kinda been the theme of the day. Opie is shipped out to #14 for the day but the rest of the crew has some pretty good alternatives…. Eugene wants to be in Bedford County

Joe is thinking Myrtle Beach

Coon desires anywhere in the tropics … here’s a good spot

Pee-Wee well… he’s a little younger and is thinking more like spring break in Cancun, Mexico

hummmmm?? Me? I’d be happy sitting just where I was yesterday evening. Straddled across a good horse looking over a herd of cattle.

You see, it’s calving season and for me, there’s nothing more relaxing. Now don’t get me wrong… calving can be a lot of work. Especially when you have trouble and end up having to do the cows job too

Another alternative for me would be the Highland County Maple Festival. An annual event held in Monterey, Va. that is well worth the time. A visit to Highland County in like stepping back in time. I have some connections there due to a couple of retired firemen who own a home out on the Bull Pasture river. The “Big House” holds many a fond memories. Some I could tell, others maybe I shouldn’t. Anyway, check out the maple Festival if you have the time… you wont regret it. Check out their web site here. Now, don’t get this “anywhere but here” theme all wrong. We are still taking Schmoe’s advise. As a matter of fact, the place is kinda growing on us. What?? Don’t believe me? See for yourself ….

LMAO… not even 2 months yet and we’re damn near “hippiefide”. No kidding though, the place is growing on us and we ARE “giving it a chance”.Today has been kind of busy though. As of now, we’re sitting on 5, Company training and we even made the time to help out our good friends down at the Shriner’s Fire brigade. They are gearing up for this weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Speaking of which, you local folks need to make plans to attend. Rhett will have the 38 Oren at the Parade line up area (Jefferson and Albemarle) at 10am. Due to the condition of the Union Hall, I think all of the post parade activities will be held at a local watering hole downtown. Check out Rhett’s site here or the Official Parade site here for more details. The parade will continue to honor those of us who serve and protect the city. You may remember that last year’s Grand Marshall was Henley Green and this year, the family of deceased Captain Chris Brown will have the honor. It looks like the weather will be iffy but hey, it poured on us last year and everyone still had a BLAST! So get out there and make the best of it.
I also wanted to let everyone know that our Public Safety Football team (Roanoke Rampage)has chosen a charity to play for. Steps for Billy. The league is non-profit and plays for charity. Cops and firemen running from, hitting and tackling each other…who wouldn’t pay to see that? Our first game is less than a month away. We play at “home” on April 3rd in Salem. Get a group together and make plans to tailgate and attend… WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! OK, OK the post has been long enough but I just HAVE to include this video. FUNNY AS HELL! Don’t pick on old white guys and always remember to call the “ambalamps” (a word coined by the notorious Randolph Smiff of RFD “The Big Show”). ENJOY!
[youtube=]Stay safe, warm, dry and in the house….see ya on Saturday.
Captain Wines