WOW! It still hasn’t sunk in for me yet but today is Ben “Tyrone” Obaugh’s last shift. It’s no secret that he’s leaving but still a ton of confusion over exactly where he’s going. We’ve heard all sorts of possibilities today…lets see…
We heard he’s jumping ship to the PD and is going to become a motorcycle cop..

I say…..ummmmmmmm well you should hear the entire story of him getting his motorcycle permit but in short, he’s the only man in the HISTORY of Roanoke’s DMV who was failed for riding a wheelie during the driving test…LMAO he almost gave the woman evaluating him a heart attack. I tell ya what…just watch this video
Rumor was that the job he’s taking is BIG MONEY. Big like a pilot of the space shuttle or something..

GIVE ME A BREAK…. how long was I his Captain??? This is as close as I (or any sane person for that matter) would EVER let him get to anything else that even resemble a rocket

He is well educated and smart…no kidding… I know what it looks like but he really is smart. A quick learner who has excellent study habits but rumors of him going to work at a nuclear facility…

uhhhhhhh…NO! You otta hear the firecracker story.

Alright, how about the one where he’s moving to some exotic island to become a scuba guide??

I don’t think I would… he almost drown in the storm drain while testing his PFD.

We even heard he was going to the railroad…

Wayyyy too many moving parts. BIG…HEAVY parts. He has a history of trouble with something as simple as driving the War Wagon much less a multi-ton locomotive. I was riding the BC one night. Arrived on scene of a working fire. Engine 5 had just arrived and began to stretch the line. A big red blurr went by and a few seconds later a heard the siren. I’m not real sure exactly WHERE Tyrone thought they were going but I DO know he was making good time! LMAO drive a train…just look at his truck “the snow commander”

Well, the railroad rumor was close. He’s not gonna drive trains..he’s gonna install them

Tyrone took a position as a service tech for Trane in the New River Valley. It’s gonna be hard I know because his territory will consist of both the Va. Tech and Radford Campus’.

!!!!!SECURITY!!!! LMAO all kidding aside, Tyrone has been going to school, and working very hard to earn this Opportunity. I really hate to see him go but it also makes me proud (having been his Captain) to see him work as hard as he has and to succeed in reaching a goal. Tyrone is an excellent firefighter and Medic. He was an outstanding employee, co-worker and friend, but more than that; he is a good person, a devoted husband and a great father. He has the traits and characteristics that will allow him to accomplish anything he sets his heart and mind to and I’m not blowing smoke here. As part of Station #9C, Tyrone made coming to work fun again. The entire crew did for that matter but Tyrone played a huge role. I have so many memories that I can’t poss
ibly share them all but I will carry them with me. I was there when his kids were born and as fate would have it, he was there with me when the buckaroo was born. Firecrackers, air soft snipes, glow stick value meals, the mask… they go on and on. We caught a fire last day with #9 and Tyrone was pumping…I didn’t take him on his first but hopefully we’ll stay quiet tonight and I will have been beside him on his last. Stay in touch Tyrone. Take care of Jill and the boys and for goodness sake BE CAREFUL! I’m not so sure about you working with gas and electricity. I’ll miss ya brother. BYE!

OK since it’s our last day I’ll add a little comedy from today. I’ve mentioned my Lieutenant out her in “never never land” but I haven’t discussed his “handicap”. You see, Eugene is uhhhhh…well he’s short. Not a midget but short. Well one day that I was off, the boys had a run where Eugene had a little trouble with the Knox Box. So today, I tricked him errrrrr gave a reasonable explanation for him to pose for some pictures for me today…

he can juuuuust reach em but getting the keys out is a whole nother story. We’re currently searching for a 3 foot collaspable ladder to mount by the Officer’s seat for when I’m off (and for when Capt. Craft from A-shift is away and Rhett has to ride the seat). Speaking of Rhett, we stopped by our Fireman Credit Union today. We learned that if you come at lunch time that they WILL conduct business but just NOT inside the building. WTF? Oh yea .. gotta use the “drive thru”. ??? in a fire truck?? Oh just walk’ll be fine

It’s like I’m playing cards with my brother’s kids or something! HOLY COW I need a vacation. Ok, to wrap up, it’s been a busy day. We mowed the lawn, did some house work, TONS of computer classes (moodle) and caught a few runs in between. We had to call 5 Engine in to do a little extrication work on a MVA…other than that, nothing too exciting. Here’s the pics

That’s it for tonight. We’re on 4 day in the morning and back for the dreaded Mon, Wed, Fri cycle next week. Until then, stay safe and in the house.
Captain Wines