I CAN’T wait!! Tomorrow is the first home game for the Roanoke Rampage. We play for the National Public Safety Football League and will be hosting the South Carolina Commanders tomorrow @ 3pm at the Salem Memorial football stadium. Tickets are $7 and all proceeds go to our charity Steps 4 Billy (Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL). There will be an Easter Egg hunt for the kids at half time and a chance to get an autograph or picture with your favorite player on the field after the game. What are you waiting for??? Come on…EVERYBODY loves football…
[youtube=]A full day of fun for the entire family. Before the game, there will be plenty of tailgating. I already have the camper hooked to the “Cowboy Cadillac” and should be set up by 08:30. Food, beverages, corn hole, good company and an all around good time. Look for us and come on out….
The weather is supposed to be in the high 80’s so make your plans NOW to attend. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!It will be a good time and for an even better cause. And hey… there may even be a bonus. You see, the Commanders have a cheer leading team! I don’t know if they travel with the team but I sure hope they do…Meet the “Combat Cuties”!

Damn!! Why don’t we have some of those?? My weakness… thigh highs or “hooker boots”…well either of those or midgets lol 🙂 I just don’t know if I’ll be able to handle all the excitement of this weekend. You see, the weather is supposed to be beautiful all weekend and Pee-Wee just bought a new boat. That’s all he’s talked about… yada yada BOAT.. yada yada FISHING. So… I’m trying to get him to take us out on the lake Sunday. Oh yea! Warm weather, boats, the lake, bikini girls…WoooHooo. Now Pee-Wee keeps insisting on this fishing crap. Well, as his Captain, I’m obligated to teach him. This weekends lesson?? MULTI-TASKING!

What a gal…just look at how big those…ahhhh..errrrrr.. FISH are. LOL you thought I was going to say something else didn’t you? HaHa. Oh wait, was there even a fish in that picture? What was I thinking any way? That was stupid…one girl and a couple of firemen on a boat… how smart is that? It would never work. Geesh! Anybody with common sense would know that one would never be enough… that evens the odds. And hey, this could all be wishful thinking… I haven’t even seen this boat yet. What he’s calling a 19′ Pro Craft could easily turn out to be the SS Minnow

Now I’m WAY too skinny to be the skipper (as is Pee-Wee) but I can see my “little buddy” as Gilligan (in looks.. not actions) LMAO

LOL…I was “just funin” (but they do look a little alike). I’m sure Pee-Wee’s boat is top of the line. He and his dad have had her out and says she’ll fly and runs smooth. I can’t wait for my ride. As far as the fishing’ll just have to wait to see how things work out 😉 Want more good news / excitement?? I think I’m going through a mid-life crisis. I’m not sure IF that’s the correct term or even WHY they call it that. By all rights, my “mid-life” crisis should have occurred at 9 years old. Who would have ever thought I would have lived past 18? LOL. 20??? unbelievable…25 a miracle! So here I am at 41 and buying a new bike. I already HAVE a bike! A good one too. The sad news is that it now has to go. I don’t have a pic today but will get one up on here soon. Shes a red and pearl white Honda ACE. 1996 model, wind shield, tank bra, saddle bags, Corbin seat, custom exhaust with 113,000 miles. Yea..113,000, one owner and has needed nothing other than oil changes and tires. She’s been a good one and it will be hard to let her go. The dealer and I couldn’t agree on a trade in price so I need to sell her outright. $2,500.00 is my asking price and I believe it to be fair. The ol gals replacement?? Yea..I’m a sucker… it’s a Harley. 2010 Street Bob

And just think.. for around a cool $14,000, you can own one too! Now, if I can figure out how to connect a hay wagon to em LOL.
Ok, so that’s football and home life. Here?? BUSY AS HELL! We’ve been running / working our tails off today. Don’t believe me? Come to the game tomorrow and take a look at mine…nothing there! No, we have been busy today. mowing grass, washing out and a TON of calls. We even had an airport alert for a F-18 out of fuel. A F-18 over the “Noke”? Hummm. Anyway, today is vehicle fire and motorcycle wreck day… Hummmm motor cycle “wreck” day…see above pic. Anyway here are the boys getting er done and another shot of an unlucky rider who needs to learn to be a little more alert..

Turning into quite the photographer huh? Notice on the shot of the boys mowing… I got 3 of em in 1 frame.. a rider, pusher and weed eater. Oh..something else cool arou
nd 3 house is that the boys from A-shift made us a cool little board to place our accountability tags. They also worked on some kind of yankee load for our bumper mount trash line. Never seen it before but seems as if it will meet our needs. They’re thinking anyways..keep up the good work guys..

Ok, that’s enough for tonight. Need to rest up for tailgating and the BIG GAME tomorrow. No kidding… WE NEED THE SUPPORT! Come on out early and make a day of it! My rig should be easy to spot, come on by and make yourself at home (bring a chair). OOps wait. I gotta explain something. There was a comment on last days post about my cup size. If you look at the pic, you can see the size listed as “teen”. LOL! What you can’t see is the sizing chart. Now mind you…I didn’t make the chart BUT it was clear and easy to read. A waist size (and I dont know what your waist size has to do with your …errrr cup size) of 28 (I wear 28×34)needs the “blue” label or “teen” size cup. Now, they don’t tell me how to fight fire so I’m not gonna tell them how to measure ….ummmmm… cup sizes. And anyhow, a teen size is actually BIG. Relitivly speaking… I mean a teen size on one of our line men???? looks tiny. The same teen size on my skinny little frame…HUGE! LMAO !!! Ok ok everyone stay safe and in the house tonight. Hope to see you all at the game. Thanks for reading.
Captain Wines