Middle day blahs!

It’s the middle day for C-shift and I can’t wait for 4-day. Today feels like it’s lasted 48 hours already. The day started out BEAUTIFUL. Joe is off on vacation so that has us running with the minimum … 3 on the Engine (and YES that’s counting the Officer and driver) and 2 on the Medic. Not a big deal any other day… our department runs with 3 regularly….like every day regular. Anyway Opie and Pee-Wee have EMT-I class on Tuesday’s and Friday’s so this morning, they reported straight to school…apples in hand. That left Coon, Eugene and myself here at 3 house. Again, not that big of a deal…mark the Medic out of service and run the Engine right?? NOPE. The Misfits were down a man as well so the decision was made to mark our Engine out of service, send a man to #9 and the remaining 2 men here put the Medic unit back into service. Yep..you guessed it. Coon is the medic so he couldn’t go. Captains sometimes travel / transfer but me…. well not today. So Eugene was off to Melrose leaving me and Coon on the box….yea.. I love riding the box..

LOL that pic actually came from back in our station #9 days but it fits here as well. We did a decent post that day on my “taking one for the team” and riding the box. Check the link out, I think you’ll enjoy it if you didn’t follow us back then. Anyway, today’s ride didn’t last long. There was a change in schedules so Eugene got to come right back home as soon as he got to #9. Coon and I started to just throw our gear in between the rigs because we were tired of switching from one to the other. In the end, as it always does; everything worked out. The boys got back from school just after lunch and that allowed us to put both units up and running. Oh yea.. good news from class too. Today was the big mid-term exam. They have been studying like crazy and it paid off. BOTH PASSED! Congrats to Opie and Pee-Wee, I understand the test was pretty hard. Keep up the good work boys. I’ll get a pic up of my 2 little geniuses in the next post or so. So, after the morning shuffle, things kinda smoothed out.A pretty normal day all and all and because of that, there’s not too much exciting for me to post about. I asked Winters one time why she didn’t keep the Station #3 blog updated regular when she was here on c-shift and her reply was that you can only blog so much on what you eat and how many times you wash the truck. She was right. AGAIN. That said, I’m not going to post on tuna fish sandwiches and taco salads. Well actually, we have done a little more than that today. We’ve been watching the traffic roll by. Lots of it and TONS of bikes.

Wait…not those kind of bikes… motorcycles. The Blue Ridge Bike Fest is in town this weekend so the streets are full of bikers out enjoying the weather.
The show looks as if it’s going to be a blast as well. All weekend long and they even have a BIKINI CONTEST! Now normally I’d be excited but the thought of some of some big ol biker dude in a bikini just isn’t doing it for me…lol.


Looks like it’s a pretty good place to be huh? So that’s about all the excitement I have for tonight. I’ll give ya a few links to check out.
I love Report on conditions. Schmoe is a great read. At times, its as if we even think alike (not saying much for him I know). Check out one of my favorite post of his from back in 2009. YOU’LL LOVE IT!
I also keep up with The Fire Critic. I’m a little bias here because the writer not only works for our Dept. he is also assigned here on another shift.
Retired Lt. Mikey Overacker runs a site that usually has some pretty good pics of our members in action. Check him out here.
Oh yea… while browsing around a little I came across some old videos that were funny as HECK! They were pretty popular at one time but seemed to have faded away. There are several episodes but I’ll only post the first.

WARNING !!!ADULT HUMOR FOLLOWS. If adult / firehouse humor does or may offend you, you shouldn’t be here anyway.
For those of you who aren’t offended and haven’t seen the Fireman Perry videos yet…ENJOY.


Ok, that’s all I got tonight. Wish I could make the bike show tomorrow but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I’m gonna be riding….just not an “iron horse”

A full day of working cattle! Could make for some interesting pics for Sunday’s post. Until then, stay safe and in the house.
Capt. Wines