We're back

Well, 4 day break is over and “C-shift” is back to duty. We had our 2nd football game of the season yesterday against the Washington DC Generals and lost 28-2. Yea .. I know but, as it’s been said several times;the fact that we are even on the field is a win for us. The rain held off just long enough and considering all of the other events in and around town this weekend, I think the attendance was great. Even though we want to win, our main goal is raising money for our chosen charity Steps 4 Billy. We were able to present the Obenchain family with another check yesterday for $2,500 and know we will deliver more. Here’s a pic of the team lined up behind the family and our team leaders Todd Stone and Chris Price who presented the check. (Photos again courtesy of Angela Jones Peay)

Here’s another action shot from Angela…

We did accomplish a first for our team this season, we actually put some points on the board! For those of you who know football, you can figure that 2 points came from a “safety” and that means our defence scored em for us. I gotta give it to those guys…they looked and played GREAT! They are without a doubt the strong point of our team. Hats off to Matt Wheeling for another outstanding job as Defensive coach. Some of you who followed me here from the Melrose Misfit Blog may recognize Matts name from A-shift. I don’t think Matt will be making the Orlando trip because his wife is expected to deliver their first child that week. So, THANKS again for all the hard work and congratulations on the upcoming birth. Special teams also did fairly well ( after DC ran the initial kick off back)and blocked a kick. I’m not sure of the official stats / numbers but we also racked up a QB sack or 2. My stats? NOT too impressive. The good news is that I didn’t get bucked off…

Oh yea.. riding the ol bench! I’m real happy. I guess maybe the coach figured that after coming to practices, long nights of studying play books, setting up tents etc for the after game party, that I needed the rest. Whatda gonna do? Anyway, next game is in Orlando Fla. against the Guardians on May 8th. OK, enough football. It’s been a nice easy day here in “never never” land. The most excitement we’ve had was earlier this morning when a mysterious vehicle took down our street and stop sign. Sounded like a bomb went off but were never seen the vehicle..

A-shift has been busy around the house with Captain “bucket head” Craft cracking the whip. The boys made a super nice assignment board for us and did a little clean up work in the appliance compartment of the Engine…

Nice work men! Not much else to report. The city as a whole has been busy enough, just not us. Here’s a cool shot from a recent fire over in SW. B-shift I believe.

The pic came for Mike Overacker’s site Roanoke firefighters.com. I’ll also add in a pic of A-shift Lieutenant Rhett Fleitz.

I guess he’s trying to fret with this pic from his Fire Critic site. Word is he’s wrapping up his “boob signing” and “baby kissing” tour up at FDIC and heading home (he IS an Arthur you know). I’m sure he’ll have a few good lies..errrrr stories to tell when he gets in here on Wednesday.
That’s enough for tonight…I’m worn out from pulling out all those bench splinters lol. Everyone stay safe and in house… see ya Tuesday.
Captain Wines