Back to work BLAHS!

[youtube=]Ever had that feeling?? Well I did this morning! This was the last thing I wanted to see in the last 14 days….

That’s the back door to the station….yea, I’m back to work. The house had that now unfamiliar odor of “structure fire” in it. It seems as though our brothers and sister from B-shift not only caught a decent job last night..they also beat 9 and 5 in! Got the pipe and made a good knock down! Solid work guys! Guess that will be our 1st due once 9 and 5 are combined and even farther away huh? Anyhow, we’re back on C-shift and right off the bat I told the boys that we were going to have to lay out a spot to put in a pool. I have gotten so accustomed to laying out by one that I wasn’t sure I’d know how to act or what to do today. What I do know is that I wish I were back in Florida. I’ve gotten tons of questions and comments today about the game and trip. Most people wanted to know about my encounter with the “girl” in those “hot pants” shorts and an adam’s apple….errr yea…. it wasn’t a girl. Some wanted the story on all the pics with the girls downtown (most everyone there thought I was somebody famous because I was surrounded by huge guys like kareem, Henley, Hardee etc. It musta looked like they were my body guards and even though nobody knew who I was, they wanted a picture with me)..LMAO! The rest of the questions today involved little Steven East’s safety. Well, let me assure you, I did NOT “deflower” nor corrupt Steven in any way…. OK… maybe a little. He bought a hat..

Anyways, we all had a BLAST. You local guys and gals should start making your plans NOW to attend our last game of the season down in Charlotte, NC. on June 5th. Ok, so I’m back to the grindstone today. Geesh. What a way to come back and start a cycle off. We were 2 short today because Pee-Wee is off on Holiday time and Opie was over at our Level 1 Trauma center helping em do a little open heart surgery. NO KIDDING! Opie was pulling some of his clinical time for EMT-I class and was assigned to the surgery floor. Brings to mind the 3 words that would make his momma sooooo proud… “paging Doctor Glidden!” LOL. Here’s our little brain surgeon as he returned from the “O.R.”

Funny thing is… I seem to remember the sight of blood making him …errrrrrr … well….it makes him…ahhhhh anyway…he don’t the sight of it.

Check out this post from our “Misfit” days to see for yourself.
LOL..I’m just kidding, Opie will do just fine as a Medic… I’ll just miss him as a Fireman 🙂 So, with him and Pee-Wee gone for the day, the Medic unit was out of service and we ran a 4 man Engine. Just like old times huh? The boys were pretty busy last cycle while I was away. Eugene musta really cracked the whip! Heck… they even had a 13 run day! That and stretched a line 8 times in a day! Oh yea…they were “doing it” baby! Well, Eugene got a little rest from being OIC today and got back in his comfort zone behind the wheel. Let me tell ya.. he went over the Engine with a fine tooth comb. He even went through the tool box and replaced the bent screw drivers. Rainy day… gotta have new wipers…

Then, he decided to put some new chrome beauty rings on the medic….

Now, I’m no mechanic but… Im pretty sure that they don’t go under THERE nor do you have to take all of that apart to get em on. But hey… it’s Eugene! Sad thing is…they’re STILL NOT on there! Guess that’s what being “thorough” gets ya huh? I think I’m gonna put him on the medicine we had Tyrone oh yea..speaking of Tyrone… he came out and did a little AC work for me while I was off…

Awwwwww just look at him in his little “air conditioner man” uniform. lol. Nah.. I never thought I’d say it but I miss the little fella. Ok, the rest of our day was spent doing a little garden work. Oh yea.. A-shift led the way and built us a nice raised bed for some home grown tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and such… here’s the handy work..but remember..size doesn’t matter..

We settled in for a little “Moodle” training on the puters then went to the board to sharpen up for our upcoming “master stream” class

After the drill, we had an evening “cluster” with the big Chiefs. Ever wonder why they call em “Clusters”?? Hummmmmmm. Not a lot of new info outta that meeting but I did get one itsy bitsy nugget of info on an upcoming retirement earlier today….

Signed, dated and EVERYTHING… only thing is that I can’t tell whos thumb that is or show the other pics I have of him and the papers just yet. I promised to hold off but still wanted to give ya the “teaser”. To finish out the evening, Joe whipped up a very good Mexican lasagna follow by a trip to our favorite local milkshake shop…

Oppps….YEP that was my stomach gurgling.. better run! THIS IS GONNA BE CLOSE!! We’re back Saturday and Monday. Until then, stay safe and in house!
Captain Wines