19+ pics..gonna be another long one!

Geesh. I’m still here and been up sine 04:00 (Damn you Schmoe!) We actually caught a little work this morning. Well OK, 2 sheds aint really work but its the most fire Opie’s seen since they kicked us out of #9. I’m working today for Capt. “Bucket head” Craft on A-shift and we haven’t had a break yet. I was asked first thing this morning to step in and teach a master stream class. A little time and a lot of water with some old friends… brothers and sisters from stations #1, #4 and “The Deuce”. I made it back to E3 by lunch and started catching runs. A pretty decent MVA up by the Airport tunnel, a fire alarm and a ligit EMS run. Once again I’m covered in reports and paperwork..WooooooHooooooo! I’m so excited I could just sh….. uhhhh… cry. Anyhow, I thought you’d enjoy the pics… Here’s Opie on our multiple shed fire…

Poor little fella…all this EMT-I..working clinicals in the ER and OR stuff is making him soft. Well that and he’s out of practice.. 2 little sheds and he’s WHUPPED! LOL.

A big thanks goes out to our brothers and sisters from “The Deuce” and our Investigation Unit. Here’s a shot of Lt. Obrien and the best thing to come out of Covington…well except for 220 that is LMAO… Captain Thompson.

OK..So that was at 04:00 this morning. We got back at shift break, I had time to wash up, do a little book work and then we were off to Master Stream class. It was good to see the likes of ol Roger Guilliams, Tim Cady, “Tada Feets” Chuck Patrick, Meat and Chris Elmore. Here’s a few shots of them and the drill….

Just look at ol “Meat” up there loading hose with Ol Glory waving in front of him… brings a tear to my eye… and how about Guilliams in the little midget “rescue” hat? LMAO…110 years old and thinks he’s 20. I mentioned Chris Elmore and today was a very special day for him…IT’S HIS LAST! Yep, Elmo is leaving us for the railroad.. Good luck and best wishes brother..Choooooo Chooooooo

We weren’t the only ones out pumping today either. A few younger members were finishing up their DPO cert. and were out doing their practical. Winters, Rivers and Hull all 3 passed with flying colors! Congratulations! Here’s Winters in action..

They were having way too much fun to be testing… she even had ol “Guts” Gherman laughing…

I left there, caught a quick bite of lunch and started catching runs. A decent MVA with a high MOI (mechanism of injury). I called in the brothers from E5 to get the doors and B-post out of our way.. it makes things so much easier for the Pt, Medics, and firemen…. solid work today men.

After we got the pt out and headed to the ER, we hung around and lent a hand to the Airport guys in cleaning up the gaurdrail. Good torch drill….

Here’s “J.G” and “T-Bone” striking a pose after a job well done…..

Ok.. I’m tired but have to admit that I’ve enjoyed the busy day. It was great to see some old faces and the Boys here on A-shift have looked after me well! “Wingnut” Eric Mulford is wheeling me, “J.G” Jason Gardner is backwards while sexy Drew Able and his partner are on the gut wagon. Who’s his partner you ask? Well, he’s the best hammer swinger in this whole section gang… Big Dave Lucas is HIS name..

That little saying comes from the blue grass song “Big spike hammer”… it’s one of his favorites.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZWq6wNBecg]Ok..that’s enough for tonight. Headed out for Charlotte NC tomorrow to play a little football! I’ll update from down there, the Cobras are throwing us a pre-game party Friday night, some practice, sight seeing and pool side rest on Saturday before our final game of the season and first night game. Come on out and cheer us on..see ya there.
Until then, stay safe and in HOUSE!
Captain Wines