Man what a change! From the Southern Shores of Nags Head back to reality. Again I’m not so sure that “sick a day, Tuff a day” saying is all what it’s cracked up to be. The boys have done a good job of looking after me though so it hasn’t been that bad. The morning started off just as every other Tuesday or Friday does … MESSED UP! EMT-I class is each Tuesday and Friday so equipment gets placed out of service and people get shuffled. This morning, I went all the way over to the Southside by way of #2. I ended up at one of my old stomping grounds (where I served as Lt and my dad worked at for over 20 years) Station #6. Even they were out of regular members due to yet another Swift Water Rescue class going on at the same time. I have to admit though… this time I’d have rather been with them. Perfect weather and getting paid to go to McCoy Falls! Me… I hung out with my favorite “Yank” and rode the “BOX”.

Actually it wasn’t that bad … 1 little run and we were both back home for lunch. A thankfully quiet afternoon and evening here. Just ran our 1st of the day … a stabbing just up the street so business is probably gonna pick up 🙁
We got the yard and garden taken care of, washed out the bay and then headed out to help a brother and now retired (disabled) Firefighter / Medic “Big” Dave Palmer. Dave’s family has been having a little trouble with his wheel chair and his kids had a ball game today that he was NOT gonna miss. Anyway, we cut the block and lent a hand to assure Big Dave got a front row seat. A trip well worth the time. I haven’t got to see Dave in a while plus… we really enjoyed the game. The kids play on a “special needs” team and let me tell you … EVERY ONE of those kids not only had a BLAST out there but, to me; were also inspiring. Talk about heart! WOW! Here’s a game shot and one of Dave…

We’re gonna head over to his house on Sunday and do a little repair work to his ramp so I’ll have a few more pics and an update then.
CONGRATULATIONS and a birthday wish (of sorts) are in order today as well. WAY..WAAAAY…WWWAAAAYYYYY back on June 11, 1984 our department hired the man now known as “SMURF”. Yep, today marks his 26th anniversary in the Department.

Good thing we’re celebrating his employment and not his age or the cake would look a little different

Smurf pulled some time at the “Old #3” back when the “Squad” was there. Since those days, he has spent most of his career over at Station #6. He worked a lot with my dad and then worked opposite shifts of me while there as Lieutenant. He handles all of our SCBA’s. Maintenance, repair, masks, purchasing, testing etc. No small task when you figure EVERY life in the operations division is basically in his hands. He also did me one of the biggest favors I have ever received in my life back when my Step-mother was fighting cancer (I wont tell it but believe me.. I will never be able to return that one). So why do we call him smurf? Well, no… I didn’t give him the name but would bet my Pop had his hand in it. Maybe it’s because he has a thing for blue skinned blondes??

Maybe he matched one of the little “smurf” cartoon characters? Wait.. did they have a “Natty Light Smurf”? LMAO you choose

How about a “sneezy Smurf” wait, that was a drawf. Nah..anyway, that’s not why we call him Smurf. I know the story but will save it for another day / post. Here’s the REAL Smurf…

HAPPY 26th… CONGRATULATIONS and I hope these next 4 go by quick! That’s gonna wrap it up for tonight. Gonna keep bouncing in and out of reality and hit the river tomorrow (can’t get the beach etc out of my system)… BALCONY FALLS…WoooooWoooo (I hope). Catch ya on Sunday if the shoulder holds up. Until then, stay safe and in the house.
Captain Wines