I know its been a while since my last post and I apologize. The honest answer is that last day of last cycle I just didn’t feel like it. First day of this cycle I was off sick and that brings us to today. As usual, not much exciting to post on but I will take some time and bring ya all up to speed on what I’ve been in to. I’ve been sick but when not in the bed, busy.. REAL busy. On the farm, this is my busiest time of year. I know you’ve all heard the saying..make hay while the sun is shining. Well, it’s been shining and I’ve been making it. I had a late start due to the early rains and having lost my #1 farm hand hasn’t helped either. The good news is that I’m on the road to recovery. We have a new piece in the fleet this season and for a much earlier commenter.. YES it’s green (and not the only green one I have either I might add…also have a 2555). John Deer 5510 complete with an operator… Here’s a few shots of the hay equipment..some of it anyway.

I also have to admit that the beach still has its grip on me. So, when not in the fields (and sometimes when I shoulda been instead) I opted for the next best thing. Float trips or days at the lake. I had forgotten how much fun tubing at the lake is! And hey… a lazy day down the river is just a fun.. unless you do Balcony Falls. Geesh … shoulda had a little more experienced co-pilot! Good thing I wore my water wings 😉
Sorry I didn’t get any pics of the lake or river because my phone cam died on me (poor little thing takes a beating) and I’m too scared to carry the camera out on the water. The good news is that there are more trips in the very near future and I’ll work it out to snap a few. Oh yea.. the water, lake beach thing has continued even up to yesterday. Ol master blogger himself Rhett Fleitz threw his first annual Fleitz Family Luau yesterday and me and the Buckaroo made the trip out. Here’s a shot of the “master of ceremonies” himself sporting his festive Hawaiian shirt..

I guess I shouldn’t pick on little “Heidi Fleitz” for his attire because 1. It was a Luau and 2. He wasn’t the only one wearing one

Yep.. that’s ol “Bucket Head” Captain craft himself. In his defence though..that’s not a Hawaiian shirt he has on… at his size, it’s more like a Hawaiian BLANKET LMAO! Just kidding Capt. Shirts weren’t the only fashion statement on display either .. FLIP FLOPS were pretty popular too… and YES.. even I had on a pair (grown quite found of em actually)

The party was GREAT! Tons of food, fun and good company. The place was packed with kids and they had a blast as well. Here are a few shots of the Buckaroo mixing it up with “Big P” (Rhett’s son Preston) and others..

Never to hold anything back, Rhett even had some of them hula gals on site…well one anyway..

So thanks to Rhett, Becky and the Fleitz family for having me and the Buckaroo out.. Hope we can make next years. Ok, moving on HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Hope everyone enjoyed the day and got to spend some time with the kiddos. Everyone knows that in this profession some of us have to be on duty no matter the holiday. Today is obviously C-shift’s day here in “The Noke” but the good news there is most fathers on duty will have gotten a call or visit. I called my dad 1st thing this morning and it’s had me thinking of him all day. I’m lucky enough to have not only just had a father who cared about me but one who also gave me a path to take.. foot steps to follow, if you will; which lead me to the job I love so dearly. It brought to mind a few photos I have. Me and Dad in front of Ladder #9 my first day on the job. Me and him in front of Ladder #1 his last day. I even got to work his last shift with him. Worked and wheeled Engine #6 (which he was riding that day
)to take him on his last run! How lucky is that? Here’s a pic of Pop standing by the Chief’s car (he drove for Chief Slayton for many of his last years here)and another of me and him cooking for one of the retiree breakfasts.

Anyway…Im thinking about ya today POP .. luv ya and Happy fathers day. You know..I’m also lucky enough to have a step father as well. Jerry lives in NC but has also contributed very much to my life and well being. He’s more of the farmer, cowboy type rather than a firemen. So you see, he fits in pretty well with my multi-sided life. He made the trip down last night and made a point to stop by the station today for a visit (which was cut short by a run) but never the less, he came. I was gonna snap a pic while he was here but we caught the run. Here’s one from my phone from back at the SC football game he came to watch

Happy Father’s Day to you too Jerry… thanks for coming by, I’ll see or talk to ya later this week.
Ok, so as far as the FD goes, today was typical. Trucks out of service, me riding the box blah blah blah. We got up in time to catch a few quick runs. A small grass fire and then burnt food. Here’s a shot of Coon out there “doing it” again..

Ok, so there’s an update in a nut shell. Here’s a little Jason Aldean for your listening pleasure… “On My Highway”
[youtube=]The whole CD is GREAT but this song kinda fits me …. The stress has been pretty high here lately but the good news is that if I can make it through next day (Tuesday)I’m off for another 13 and headed back to OBX for the 4th of July! I’ll try to have something a little more exciting to post next day .. until then, stay safe and in the house.
Captain Wines