Count down..

I know of 3 people that are counting down the days / hours. Tomorrow is Chief Slaytons last day of duty. WOW! He’s been a Battalion since before I was hired. I mentioned earlier that Pop drove Bobby for several years. As a Lieutenant, I also worked for Chief Slayton for a short period from Station #6. I often worked for Pop from time to time and had the honor of taking Bobby on a run or 20. Bobby, Pop and I also shared the same 2nd job of driving a charter bus and took many trips together. Heck..Bobby even helped paint my house. In short, Chief Slayton has been a good, long time personal and family friend. I’ll miss him. I will try to post more on him later this week but for now here’s one of the latest pics I have of me and him..

GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES CHIEF..WE’LL MISS YA! Tomorrow is also one of our dispatchers last day. Linda Wood has been one of my favorite dispatchers for some time. Calm, cool, clear and aware of whats happening. Now dont get me wrong.. we have several more really good dispatchers down there but for some reason it seems like I’ve always had Linda on the “bad ones”. I have a pic of her but it was sent in PDF format and I cant figure it out. I have my tech guy on it and will get her shot up soon. Good luck and best wishes to you as well Linda.. you too will be missed!
Guess I’m also counting down the days because in just a few I’m heading to OBX for the 4th of July! I can’t wait to unwind again for a day or 6. Now I’m not going in “cold turkey” cause I’ve been practicing up by hitting the river as often as possible. Been making hay in shorts so I’ve been “getting my tan on” as well. Anyway, I’ll try to update tomorrow with pics of Bobby and Linda. Don’t forget Rescue Me returns tomorrow night @10pm on FX as well. Until then, stay safe and in the house..
Capt Wines