I know, I know! So I haven’t posted in a while AGAIN. I told you folks I have a lot going on right now and reminded you that past all this personal stuff, this is my busy time of year on the farm. It’s not that I don’t want to post because I do. Believe it or not, I’ve grown to enjoy “blogging” and know you folks enjoy keeping up with what we are into. The post lately have been more about me than station life because 1.) I’ve been off a lot and 2.) you can only post so much about cleaning, cooking and running EMS calls. That said, believe me… I haven’t been slacking.. I’ve been a busy little bee

Ahhh wait.. I can find and you guys deserve a better picture than that…

Now there’s a little bee I’d like to see busy (LOL). But no kidding.. work work work.. busy as a beaver..

I’m sorry guys.. again I can do better…

LOL made ya nervous with the better “beaver” pic huh? But seriously.. I’ve been as busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest..

Or how about as busy as a one legged stripper????

Well, I’m not sure if that’s busy or talent but anyways, you get the picture..I’ve been busy. The good news is that I’ve learned alot along the way and plan to share these lessons in future posts. What kind of thing you may ask?? Kayaks. They come in all sizes, colors etc…. TONS of em.

Now what I didn’t realize is that choosing a size is NOTHING like choosing ski size. Apparently, longer is not always better. Longer skis allow you to go faster and have more maneuverability. Kayaks..NOT SO MUCH. You see, they are longer to accommodate heavier people. They displace more water that way and how deep your kayak sits in the water has EVERYTHING to do with stability. SO… if you only weigh 132lbs. (yea..I’m up to my fighting weight) then you don’t weigh enough to sit a 15′ kayak low enough to be stable. The result??? You and all your stuff get wet. Hummm. BUT … should you listen more closely to those who know a little about this kayak / boat stuff and get the right size.. then a float down the river can be quite relaxing..

There are not many better places to be on a hot summer’s day. Well…. that is unless the river of your choice has some rapids. Big rapids. Oh and LOTS of em too. THEN the best place to be is sitting on a rock by said river…lol

Now I’ve also learned that at some of these fancy beach resorts you can find / rent transparent Kayaks / boats / canoes …. thinking maybe I’ll take a little trip and try on out..

Looks pretty fun huh??? Boat doesn’t look bad either (lol). AND, while I’m on a water theme.. I’ve also learned that those little seats with the backs on em that you strap onto your canoe seat is WELL WORTH the money..

OMG what a difference they make on a day trip. They also make these fancy paddles with funny little grips that are WAY easier on you paws… damn river Gypsy’s and there secrets…LOL

I’ve learned that I like the smell of salt water and the feel of OBX sand between my toes more than a snoot full of hay dust and chaff down your jeans

I’ve learned that my boots look a whole lot better by Clark’s tiki bar than they do in the barn..

I’ve learned that there isn’t a restaraunt in town that can top a meal from Gary’s beach house kitchen…

I know..I know I’m OBX obsessed right now but hey… it’s just because of the pleasures associated with the beach. It’s a SAFETY issue. Yea Safety. This farming and hay making in 100 degree heat is dangerous. You never know what you’re gonna run into..

See?? This year has been the worst I’ve seen. The heat and dry conditions are driving the rattle snakes out of the mountains looking for water….. better watch your step.

See???? Maybe for safety’s sake I should just go back to the beach…hummmmm 🙂 Whats the worst that can happen there?? (better not show those All kidding aside, I will be heading back down in a few weeks but as for now, I am back at work. Today is day 2 and tomorrow we head out for our 4 day break WooooHooo! These last 2 days have almost killed me! I thought you were supposed to ease back into this work thing. We have run our butts off! No fires but a steady flow of runs (we did miss a 3 alarm shed fire with our County brothers last day). Captain’s meetings, clinicals, paper work … just as when I was off… busy busy. We did have some VERY special visitors this morning. None other than Ben “Tyrone” Obaugh and his boys! YEA.. is was like having the old crew back together. The Medic was out of service so we had to send a man to #5 and another to #14. Hats off and THANKS to Joe and Lt. Bradford for stepping up and volunteering to take the transfers so Coon, Opie and I could eat with Tyrone.

It was just like old times less Wheezy and Bugg. Between runs, we got to hear stories of Jill locking the kids in the car, Tyrone breaking Noah’s arm and of when he set an oil fire inside one of our local 4 story downtown buildings. Oh yea.. a multi-company response. I’d have loved to seen the look on Captains Dewhurst and Bedwell’s face when the elevator door opened and there stood Tyrone in his HVAC uniform covered in extinguisher dust… LMAO!! Yep… thats my Tyrone! The details will have to wait cause Im gonna wrap it up for now. It’s off to 4 day break and the hay field tomorrow. We’re back on Thursday and I’ll try to get back to “regular” type postings. Thanks for hanging in here … stay safe and in the house.. see ya soon.
Captain Wines