Well.. kinda. I’m working on A-shift today. Rhett REALLY REALLY wanted to go to “Blog Camp” this year and needed a day off so I stepped up to the plate. I understand they will have live exhibits on typing, multi tasking, media uploads etc. Vendors will have the newest crayon colors on display as well as many other art and crafts materials. I bet he’s having a BLAST! I honestly don’t know how they’ll fit it all under one roof. LOL … ok, ok he’s actually up at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, Md. and no kidding I wish I were there with him. My understanding is that he will again share a booth with some real and famous “bloggers” such as Fire Geezer and Dave Stater. Here’s a link to the Expo Site. I think he may even do some live broadcasts for BlogTalk Radio.. anyway, he’s there and I’m here. That puts 2 Captains in the house today. Well, Captain Craft aka “Big Mac” decided he’d drive and I’d ride the seat. Scary??? Not near as much as if I had drove … LOL. So thanks to Big Mac for keeping me in my “comfort zone” today, the guys have taken very good care of me. Here’s a shot of Big Mac running the tires off her…

That green blur outside his window is trees… YEA.. we had to be doing what?? 35-40mph!! WoooHooo We have caught a few runs today. The most excitement was an electrical fire at a local middle school. Dispatch misunderstood me and marked it a “working fire” but we soon located the source and made it a “can handle” for the initial compliment.

Snakes, electricity, and hookers with an Adam’s apples……. I DON’T FOOL WITH EM!! LOL We did get to see our Brothers from over at the New #5 a few times today. Seems as though they have made some new decals for their rigs. The Engine now has “War Wagon” on the windshield while the Ladder reads “War Pipe”.

War Pipe??? Come on guys.. we are Nationally Accredited! Did your Captains not brief you on the discussions of the last Captain’s meeting?? We are a kinder .. gentler Fire Department. War?? Can’t we all just get along? Maybe you guys just dont understand the dynamics of today’s fire department… Now take us for example.. 3 engine.. we’re lovers..not fighters..

See???? “Peace Pipe” …. doesn’t that project a better image?? LOL No kidding guys, the lettering looks GREAT. Apparently special “logos” / decals etc are becoming more popular within the Department. I caught a shot of Ladder 7’s new logo on their rig the other day while at training… they also have shirts with the same logo..

(Hope my sponsors.. Evan Williams and old Milwalkee dont see that Jack logo on Personally, I like to see items such as rig decals, tables, company shirts etc. I think it helps build morale and bonds a company together. And I’ll tell ya, with the way members are shuffled from station to station and shift to shift around here, we need all the help with morale and company building we can get.
Ok, as for the deleted post… I assume you have all read the comments. I pulled the trigger a little too soon and let a cat out of the bag that was supposed to stay in there for a little longer …

Damn cats! Anyhow, he asked and I took it down..(it was funny as hell though). As for our (C-shift’s) last day of the cycle post .. I got lazy.. that plus of Internet here SUCKS. And, like I’ve been telling yall.. this is my busy time on the farm… HAY..HAY…HAY..then throw in a few cows.. and MORE HAY.

The farm work plus working on paint, hardwood floors etc at the house. I’m having to pack up all my …ummmmmm…errrrrr stuff..yea..stuff and have decided to try to sell a lot of it. For those of you who have visited or seen the “Command Center”, you know that over my and Dad’s careers I have collected a TON of Fire memorabilia. It’s about half and half Roanoke specific and just Fire Department in general. Old badges (even a Squad 1), Rules and Regs from the 1930’s, extinguishers, over 40 FDNY Code 3 trucks (including the Battalion 44 set) from pre September 11th, Top Jake dolls and the entire GI Joe Firefighter collection. Old clippings, bells, ticker tape machines, fire alarm boxes, an old Chemox , a MSA canister mask and tons and tons more. I want to lay it all out again some where and take pics in order to post them up for sale..either here..that “Craig” guys page, Ebay or who knows where. Here is a little sampler from packing up..

I have a few pretty valuable items but I’m thinking it’s gonna be an “all or nothing” type deal..I’ll have to see. Anyway, that’s gonna wrap it up for tonight. Back to the fields tomorrow and then here again on Saturday to begin C-shift’s cycle. There are a few other things I wanted to hit on tonight but will wait until Saturday for full details. It looks as if Collective Bargaining is gonna pass and will soon be headed our way. Rhett posted an article on one of his sites here and I will hit on it Saturday as well. That and so much more…LOL sitting on the edge of your seats right??? Anyway, until then, stay safe and in house.
Captain Wines