Blog Camp UPDATE

I mentioned in my last post that Rhett was off to “Blog Camp”. I’ve gotten a few comments concerning his trip and even received an update from none other than Dave Statter himself! (WOW… Statter sent ME an e-mail)… Here’s what he said..

This is to inform you that Rhett is adjusting well to camp life. He is enthusiastic and participates in all activities.
Rhett has learned to make his own bed (but there is still the bed wetting issue) and does his cabin cleaning chores well.
He could use help on the working well with others department and does still cry when he doesn’t get his way.
I think camp will be good for Rhett and will help him mature.
We should inform you of an error that was made as camp started. Due to his physical stature we accidentally placed Rhett in a cabin with the youngest campers. We apologize for the mistake and have notified the parents of the other campers who may have felt threatened.
For more complete report check here:

Dave Statter
Cabin 1

LMAO.. That’s good stuff! I bet they’re having a ball! I can see Stater and Fire Geezer now trying to teach Rhett “the ropes”. They may as well jump out the window of what ever floor of the hotel they’re staying in… I can see it now..

FIREGEEZER: So there we were. We had just finished shining the brass and feeding the horses. We had gathered by the radio for some Amos and Andy and maybe a quick game of Blind Mans Bluff or marbles.

That’s when it happened. A neighbor came running in saying that there was a house on fire just blocks away. We sprang to our feet, slid the pole and began to hitch the team.

When we got there, it was engulfed in flame. But, in those days; we knew our job. We didn’t need fancy or high tech equipment. We had “wooden ladders and iron firemen” and didn’t mind going to work! I’ll tell ya there you little whipper snapper… I’ve never seen a bucket brigade work so smoothly.

(Then, of course; he’d go into a 30 minute rant explaining to Rhett exactly what a bucket brigade was as well as the various sizes and type of fire buckets)

FIRE GEEZER continues: Oh you shoulda seen it Dave
STATTER: What do you mean SHOULD have old timer? I was THERE! As a matter of fact, not only was I the first reporter on scene, I made history with my coverage.
STATTER continues: I got the first live action shots with my brand new (state of the art) 4 lens Tintype camera

STATTER: Those shots were the first of their kind. Never before in history had mobile or aeriel reporting been done. The logistics alone kept most average reporters at bay. It’s not easy launching a blimp at a moments notice..

STATTER continues: And we didn’t have all this “texting”, “churping” “Picture booking” or electronic day room stuff back then. No “thumb typing” in those days.

Rhett then interrupts as the two old salts Statter and Geezer continue to unfold the story..
RHETT: (spoken with his pitiful child like lisp) Ummmm guys…guys these old stories and history stuff is ok but there’s nothing in it about me. Don’t you know any stories from a fire that I was on? I’ve been on 2 you know! I’ve wrote a book, run a gazillion web sites and can text a million words per minute on my blueberry.
RHETT continues: You old guys are really starting to bore me… I need my nap. Anybody seen my Fire Geezer sippy cup?
LMAO!!! I feel sorry for John Mitchell and Mike Ward ….