Working on 48 of 72

Yes… that’s 72 hours STRAIGHT in the station! Ugggggg! It seemed a whole lot easier 10 or so years ago… wonder why that is? Anyhow, today I’m back at my normal station but on a different shift (B-shift) and in a different seat. The brother I’m covering for is a Firefighter and his Captain is on duty so that puts me riding backwards. Feels a little strange getting in a different door but riding backwards also brings back a few old memories. Here’s my door and the view from my office today..

Maybe I can get the nozzle “honestly” tonight… lol. It’s been a pretty good day all in all. I didn’t sleep well last night at “The Big Show” but have had a little down time today. A few runs, nothing notable but enough to make the day pass. We even had a visitor and old friend. Retired Lt. Chuck Wells dropped in for a spell. I spent several years assigned with Chuck at Station #2-A. After telling a few stories and what not, I asked Chuck to come out to the bay so I could grab my camera and take a picture. After getting out there, I told him to stand by the ladder (because he always fancied himself a “Truckie”). Well, we have a reserve “Ladder” in our house which is actually only a 75′ quint. Talk about throwing a rock!! “That ain’t no damn ladder truck son! What did I teach you when you came here?” LMAO he’s right and YES I remember and still believe. It’s funny how I (and Schmoe somewhat) just posted on what Chucky was talking about. You see, he had a saying and didn’t mind tell you… “REAL Ladder trucks swivel in the middle”. At the time, we were assigned to Ladder #2 which was a Seagrave open tiller. And, believe it or not.. the Captain, Chucky, Teddy, Barry or Lumpy would actually let me drive the tiller whenever it was raining, snowing or just plain cold as hell…LMAO. But he was right.. theres nothing like a tiller and his visit brought back some great memories of that crew and assignment. Here he is..

I miss those days. Ok moving on and speaking of pictures. Apparently Rhett is now trying to branch out and add the title “photographer” to his “RESUME”. Well la te da! Schmoe goes out and gets a fancy smancy new camera and little “Hedi Fleitz” has to jump on board in yet another attempt to “keep up with the Jones'”. Not only that… he then has the kahunas to make fun of my camera and the quality of my pics! Well, I’ll have Rhett and Schmoe to know that my camera is a special one in its own rights. Hand made by the “Melrose Misfits”. A one of a kind, made with love and care…??????? WAIT..what am I saying here?? they were fretting me too!

LMAO.. my first “no film” camera that I used for the blog was about 8″x8″ and held one of those 3×5 floppy disc thingys. Well, the boys laughed, joked and carried on such that they finally made up the camera in the above pic for me to use. They mounted my gem on broom handles, stole a curtain from somewhere, destroyed a vacuum to get the hose, who knows where they acquired the flash pan and, as far as I know; they stole the 100 watt light bulb from a nearby nursing home. And you wonder why I called em “Misfits”! No, all kidding aside, Rhett tricked one of his guys into mentoring him and his photography work. Drew Able (#3-A)has all the “latest and greatest” and is actually a damn good photographer. They both attended last weeks funerals in Rocky Mount and did an excellent job of documenting the services. You can read and view the full coverage either on The Firecritic or at VaFireNews. There was an unbelievable turnout to honor our fallen brothers. Firefighters from as far away as the FDNY were in attendance. Brothers and sisters from all around staffed stations and provided many other functions. Our Honor Gaurd was used graveside and once again made us all PROUD. I stole a few of their pics for tonight but take the time to visit Rhett’s site and look at them all.

Pictured in the top pic.. left side, near to far are Lt. Rob “Bugg” Reid, FF/Medic J. Hull, Battalion Chief Roger Manual and Roanoke County Lt. Toby Martin. Right side near to far is Lt. Dan Goodwin “Goodo”, Firefighter / EMT J.D Reynolds, Firefighter / Medic Travis “Wheezy” Meador. Solid work from everyone involved!
That’s a good stop point for tonight.. I’m right back here in the morning.. until then, stay safe and in the house!
Captain Wines