On the "down hill" side of 72

I may be on the down hill side but I’m still TIRED!!!!



And, what’s worse?? The boys have rode me like a rented mule today! Never mind that I’ve been working all day every day for the last who knows when! Never mind that most days on the farm start before the sun comes up and doesn’t end until way after it has set. God forbid you don’t have time to do laundry in between all that and resort to wearing the only pair of socks you can find left in the house…..

So what if they’re short? They don’t make my feet sweat plus they make my legs look fuller. Then…THEN.. not only do they laugh at me.. they make me cook too!!??!!

It’s a good thing I had some help here today. We had 2 students riding the box. Fran Gonzoliz, a sister Firefighter/Medic from Roanoke County Station #3 and Sarah Pruitt from Franklin County Public Safety.

That’s Fran on the Left and Sarah on the right. Both ladies did a fine job today and seemed to enjoy their visit. The boys even behaved….. well somewhat. I did have to pull the book and read chapter 4 from page 121 of Effective Company Command to them. Go figure! Anyway, Sarah’s husband is Mike “Mikey” Pruitt of Franklin County Public Safety. Not only “of” he’s some kind of Deputy, (Master, General, Next to head honcho) Chief. Can you believe it? The same little Mikey Pruitt that once worked here in the City? The same Mikey that was assigned to me on the REAL 3 Engine? … LOL man the stories I could tell… wait… he knows a few on me too… hummmmm… maybe I’ll wait a while before I tell em LOL. All kidding aside, I really thought (and still think) alot of Mikey and am proud to see him to have done so well for himself. I have some good stories but I’m just too tired tonight. I’ll try to remember to tell one of them next day. For now, I’m calling it a night. We’re back on Wednesday…. I’ll be here, hope you are too. Until then, stay safe and in house.
Oh yea.. I almost forgot, Randolph Smiff (of “The Big Show” C-Shift) asked me to PLEASE mention Joe “one finger” Hodgen in tonights post… so there ya go 😉
Captain Wines