There's no place like home..

Everybody knows that there’s no place like home but I must also admit that I had a really good time in Chicago. I have so much to tell ya about, I’m not sure where to start. I guess for tonight, I’ll throw some pics and brief comments etc at ya so you can see one at least one side of what we were able to experience. You all know by now that Fire Rescue International 2010 was held in Chicago and Rhett invited me along. Rhett was heading up to work the exhibit floor for one of his many companies. This trip he traveled as Firefighter Netcast. Our job was to record and produce several interviews / pod cast for various clients. I will post on those clients / interviews etc tomorrow because the content / networking was unbelievable. Tonight, I’ll show you a few of the faces, some of our travel and a little of the show… so here we go.
After registration etc. we sat down to shoot the bull and have a cold beer or 20 with Chief Art Reason. Art’s real name is Art Goodrich. He is the host of one of the regular shows over on Firefighternetcast entitled The voice of Reason. Art is also the one who got to interview Steven Pasquale (“white Sean” from Rescue Me).

Art and I hit it off from the start and he even showed me his tattoos…

Of course then, Rhett had to show how tough he was so he held his hand over a candle for 10 minutes (Art or I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was one of those candles that used a light bulb instead of a real flame..LOL)

The next day, we went to work on the floor.

We seen TON of familiar and famous faces

(Chief Brunacini in top photo and Dave Statter below) There were TONS of vendors as well. A lot to take in. Everything from antique apparatus to state of the art..

And as much as I make fun of the “yellow” fire trucks in our area, you have to stand up for this PINK one… Pink Heals

Two of the competitors for my Department’s new station alert system was on hand as well. Here’s a shot of one of them.. WOW!!! What a demo. And I also got to see all the “latest and greatest” from Scott. (Eat your heart out Smurf)

We took in a ball game and even had a few beers with Chief Billy Goldfeder

My presence on the trip was quite the influence on Rhett.

Sadly, I’m afraid the strain was more than he could bare … LOL

I’m gonna stop there for tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you more of the people we met and the life saving initiatives that were discussed. Until then, stay safe and in the house.
Captain Wines