Meat and Potato's

Rhett, John and I did what turned out to be an hour long wrap up of our experience from Fire Rescue International 2010 and “behind the scenes” perspective of You can check out the show here. Have I ever mentioned that I hate the sound of my recorded voice?? Geesh.. what a redneck! I think I said “meat and potatos ” about 20 times. In my defence, I was a little nervous and out of my comfort zone. That said, all in all; I think it went pretty well. John is obviously a GREAT editor (but he will pay for the new “theme song” LOL). We are in talks for my own show in the near future. We’ll pick up and expand on some of the hot topics and centers of controversy within the fire service. I already have several topics / shows in mind. Regardless of what happens with these ideas, be sure to follow anyway …” This aint your Daddy’s Fire Service radio Show”