Elections and Network member MIA.

Just a quick Monday night update. First off, tomorrow is mid term elections. I hope you’ve all done your homework. Back during the  Obion County / South Fulton FD fiasco many folks were unhappy and didn’t understand how or why the decision / policy makers there could allow situations such as this exist. It was said by several people to not blame the firefighters, home owner or media, rather blame the County Administration. It was also mentioned (by me as well) that this is why the IAFF and like organizations push political action / involvement. Here’s my quote …. 

“This is why the IAFF and other orginizations push Political action. This is what happens when we vote gun rights and abortion vs. firefighter issues.”

My point there was that just maybe, the folks down there voted for this candidate or the other for their stance on issues not related to Public Safety. As a Professional Firefighter, firefighter issues are first on my list. I have been fortunate enough to travel with my IAFF Local (L1132) to Washington DC for the Legislative Conference. There, we “lobby” our elected officials to make sure they understand our stance on this bill or the next. We sit down and explain WHY we feel the way we do and HOW it will affect firefighters, our families and the people we protect. We go in knowing how that legislator voted on every “firefighter issue” since he / she has been in office. We go in EDUCATED. Personally, I worry more about protecting my pension than I do about how long I have to wait to buy another gun. I guess what I want to say here is 2 basic things… 1.)  VOTE tomorrow 2.) Be educated about your choice .

Ok, moving on. I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. The Buckaroo seemed to have had a blast! He got to the farm around 9am this morning and he was already (or still) “jacked up” on chocolate. I was a little disappointed in that I only received a single pic of a reader and / or their little one in costume.

In the case of the pic (and I’m sure Statter will agree) this is both a reader and “little” one. Yea, I have a shot of Rhett (FireCritic) in costume. Now, I had always thought he done a good job at this blogging / web site kind of stuff. As a matter of fact, I would have ranked him in the Top 5. You have to figure that when you talk about the top of the class in a group such as this …. the competition is tough! I mean we have the likes of Statter, Geezer, Mike Ward, Joe Schmoe, Chief Reason, John Mitchel and the list goes on and on.

Now I know it was Halloween and all and again I’ll say I rank Rhett in the elite, but  BLOG KING ???????? I’m not convinced.

LMAO…. whatda think Statter?? Looks just like him huh? Well, apparently the “King” is taking a little break from posting duties because FireCritic has been stagnant. I’m hearing rumors that he may be out of town. Something about Disney Land. Hummmm. maybe he’s applying for a job as one of those dwarfs or something? Maybe they’ll mistake him for one and not let him off the property? You think I should haul butt to Florida and start the search? I bet it’s warmer there than it is here. Maybe…just MAYBE the little fella is just worn out from walking around all those neighborhoods in his little King of Blogs trick-or-treat costume? He’s probably home in bed .. dead tired or strung out on Cracker Jacks and Candy Corn.

I sure hope my little buddy is ok and having fun where ever he is. I’m back on duty tomorrow… until then stay safe and in house.

Captain Wines