FireCritic fighting mad ….

I’m guilty!   Guilty again. I guess I just have too much spare time on my hands and always end up picking on my “little buddy” Rhett from over on FireCritic. The sad thing is that 1.) he’s easy and 2.) I always have help.  Yea… it’s easy to get Dave Statter in on the fun when Rhett is involved. I posted a “Face in Hole” pic of Rhett in his “King of Blogs” Halloween costume and Dave jumped right on the band wagon. Apparently, Rhett is busy with his new job at Disney as one of the seven dwarfs ( Dave is not sure which position Rhett has filled) and hasn’t bothered to reply. Well … either he’s too busy or he’s pouting. I guess I really shouldn’t pick on the little fella but hey…. we’re firemen…. it’s what we do! LOL… here’s how the conversation would go… check out this video…

LMAO… Sorry Rhett but that’s what you get for going to Disney and leaving me here… I bet she even took that “pink dress”.
So, moving on and, to not beat a dead horse; I am back on duty today and it’s been a pretty good tour so far. We started out with what sounded to be a job at a near by 3 story apartment complex but arrived to find that it was only a “good intent” call (thank goodness). We spent the rest of the morning with our brothers from the Southside( Ladder 1) over at the training center. We attended a “Ladder Ops” class that was very worth while. I have mentioned before that here in our Department we are often faced with multiple and crossed tasks (Engines doing truck work… Truckies doing Engine work etc). That said, it is important that we stay proficient at the skills of each assignment.

This morning, we got to throw a few ladders. We made a few rescues using various techniques. We operated from the ariel and then practiced the “ladder bail”.  Here are a few shots from my cell phone ( I left my good camera at the station)…

And I’ll even throw in one of our fearless leader for the morning’s session… Chief Manual

Nothing much else post worthy. We serviced a few hydrants and hit a few station duties. Hopefully the night will be quiet because the Buckaroo I have a long hard day planned for tomorrow. I’m back in here on Thursday.. until then, stay safe.. and in house.

Captain Wines