Old firemen and dirty balls

Captain Wines, Ironfiremen

I’m getting old! Well, I’m not so sure 41 is old but at minimum, I’m worn out. As young privates at #5, Scotty (Scott Mutter) and I wanted to, could and did run all night. Back then, we were busy. We caught a lot of work but also wound just as many street boxes (I even had the nick name “Box Winder” at one time). Anyway, we’d run all night and then run just as hard on our day off and into that night. “Burning it at both ends” is what a lot of old Jakes told us. I wish I’d have listened!

Now, I could still  run 24 calls per shift and not bat an eye. The only catch is that I want to run em  before 21:00 hrs (9pm).  If I run 1 after bed, it kills me. I can’t fall back to sleep like I used to and I don’t (can’t) bounce back like I did if I just stay up. I had been on vacation but gave Opie the last day of the cycle so he could hunt (yesterday was opening day of riffle season for deer). He had better have killed a Moose! We only ran 7 or 8 but they were scattered just enough that I’m dragging butt today. Here’s a shot of the day book…

We ran everything from bowel obstruction, to possible “code blue”, an overturned vehicle and even caught a little work (working fire). I guess if you have a somewhat busy tour, at least some diversity in the calls makes it easier to swallow. Here are a few shots of the overturned vehicle and the fire..

The overturned vehicle was nothing. A single occupant who walked the rest of the way home to call 911… she was lucky … no injuries. The fire was just as anti-climatic. It looked pretty good when we rolled in. Some foams, plastic and clothing burning makes for nasty smoke. The good news is that everyone was out (less 2 cats that were  later found and survived). What was even better news was that Boots was in the back and got on it quick. The fire was contained to the room of origin and damage held to a minimum.  Easily a “can handle” for the 1st alarm assignment.

I called in our Investigation Unit but apparently, we are going through some changes.  For whatever reason, it was decided that it would be MY responsibility to determine the cause and origin and they returned to service ( I have some strong feelings on this issue but wont air them here..at this time anyway). I have the C and O narrowed down real close but lack the training and / or expertise to “pin point” it exactly. I did however document very well and even got some very good pics. The sad news is that I can’t use the pics. I’m not going to go against the “counciling session” or advice I received from the Chief the other week. I wish I could show em here because again, they are very specific pics that show no evidence of the location, owner, wealth, loss, a crime etc.  As a matter of fact, I believe they would be a great training tool for my department, and everyone who reads this blog… firefighters and civilians. I don’t see any downside to posting them but have been advised by my Department not to. You know me…. “by the book Wines”…so .. no pics.

Back to the fire… I hardly ever take a hydrant with me because our next in is usually (or used to be anyway) so close behind. Generally, our tactics here is to get the 1st engine in and on the fire and let the 2nd due lay the line. Last night, I even stopped the 2nd due (Engine #4) from laying in (mainly because we didn’t need it). Something I have to get used to is that Engine 13 carries 1,000 gallon of water (most of our rigs carry 500).  If you get to the seat of the fire quickly, and don’t wet down smoke; you can put out a ton of fire with just the 500. Having 1,000 gives me that much more of a cushion. It’s nice to have.

That kind of ties in to what I was saying after Chris Naum’s live show on Firefighter Netcast last week … redefining the fire ground. As I said, I agree with a lot of what he said but also believe that the changing materials etc of today make it that much more important that we hit these fires QUICK. Don’t give those foams, plastics, PVC’s etc a chance to get a good start on ya. Educated, calculated yet aggressive attacks and 500 gallon is more than enough for a knock down.

Anyway..moving on. The title was Old Firemen and “dirty balls”. Obviously, I’m quickly becoming the “old fireman”. The dirty balls? Well, they (it) belongs to the buckaroo. You see, I mentioned a little while back that the Roanoke Rampage2011 season is just around the bend. That has the Buckaroo EXCITED. He loves him some football! Well, we were out in the yard playing the other evening and the roll rolled through some cow….ummmmm…errrrrrr… cow “poop”.

 Now we have not just a dirty ball … we have a NASTY ball. How do ya clean a football? They are leather … not smooth … have nooks and crannies…. and even the strings. Hummmm…we need some kind of tool.

Well, Axe Body Wash has the solution. Their product can clean most any kind / type of dirty balls. Check out the video here… 

See what I mean???      GENIOUS!   Now that’s thinking with your dipstick Jimmy !!!! LMAO (thanks to Smurf for the link). Now, believe it or not, some folks have taken the above video wrong. I don’t know how so many people can have their dirty little minds in the gutter but apparently, some viewers believe the video to be “sexual” in nature. Geesh! Well, never fear, Axe is such a stand up company that they have addressed the issue before it gets “out of hand” (catch that one Statter?). Check out the follow up video…

In all honesty… the AXE or Old Spice Body and Hair Wash seem to be a great product for firefighters. I use both (whichever is cheaper at the time) and either does a great job. After a good, hot and smokey job, either product seems to mask the odor better than any other. I say “mask” because we all know that it takes 2-3 days and several showers / baths the get the odor out of your pores etc.  You can wash / scrub with any other soap / product and 15 minutes later, we still smell like smoke. It’s like that for days even. Again, either of the above mentioned products seem to mask or cover up that smell better than most. Maybe they should hire me to promote their product?? Or at least do a “review” (like Firecritic and his “feel good” books / romance novels etc). Hey Axe or Old Spice… send me a few cases and we’ll see what firefighters think of your product…. “Axe”..firefighters??? See the link?  Send some of those “ball scrubbers” too and we’ll give them a trial run as well.

Ok, we’re on 4-day but I’ll check back in before Thursday. Until then, stay safe and in house.

Captain Wines