Naked Firemen? An early Christmas results in nudity at the Ironfiremen Headquarters.

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet but it all ready feels like Christmas here at the Ironfiremen Headquarters. When I got home this morning, something caught my eye on the front porch. Something didn’t fit or was out of place. Hummmm..

A package??? For me???  I quickly turned and scanned the woods for a sniper. I checked my chest for red laser dots… this must be a trap … nobody sends me gifts. I snatched the package, dove into a forward roll and belly crawled through the door! Shewww … I made it! I scampered to my bedroom, locked the door and pulled the drapes (just in case). I gave the box a little shake, searching for a clue as to it’s contents; and noticed something odd. It smelt good. Yea… the box and I mean it smelt REAL good. Bomb or no bomb, now I gotta know whats in there. So, like a kid at Christmas; I tore into it.

AXE PRODUCT  WooooHooooo! Damn…. I almost forgot. Jill, from Axe; contacted me last week after my post Old Firemen and Dirty Balls . Somehow or another she found my site and seen the post. She LOVED it! They liked it so much, they even wanted to send us some of their product for use at the station. I can tell ya right now…. AXE and the IronFiremen are gonna be a good fit! Hell, AXE and all firefighters for that matter. I mentioned in the post how difficult it is to get the smell of a fire off (out of) our bodies for days following the fire. Axe is one of the products that I had found that actually does a good job at it (I had actually been using their product before the post).

I told Jill that instead of just accepting a gift, if she sent the product; I (we ) would do a review of the product as to how it works for firefighters. Well, she just didn’t send a bottle…. she sent EVERYTHING. We have Downpour Shampoo, Heat Shampoo / Conditioner, Zen Shampoo, Snake Peel Shower Scrub.. Desert Minerals + Cactus Oil, Fever  Shower Gel ..Brazillian Hot Mud + Red Dragonfruit Extract, Shock Shower Gel, and Rise Shower Gel. WOW! .. I had to try some of that smack right then and there…. and just like that… BAM!!! I’m NAKED.

Now, I feel good and smell “DELISHIOUS” … LOL.  HOLY COW I’m gonna enjoy this review!  I even called in and let my “little buddy” Rhett get a “sneak peak” of the product…

LMAO!   Sorry bud.  All kidding aside, I will be doing a review of AXE. What do you guys use? Have you used any of these products? If so, what did you think? Good … bad … otherwise. Did it get that smell of smoke out of your pores? If not, what works? Let me know .. use the “contact” tab at the top of the page or put it in the “comment” section. Look for the results and more soon.

Ok, so it didn’t end there. No sooner had I gotten out of the shower did I hear someone pulling in the drive. I threw on a towel and headed out to see who it was. I gotta play the lottery tonight. Out in the driveway was James Tucker and his big brown truck and, we wasn’t just turning around this time. He had more packages!

We had a short chat and then once again I locked myself in the bedroom. MONOPOLY GAMES! WooooHooo again! The Firefighter and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) editions!

Man… I’m raking it in today! Special thanks to Dave and Chris over at  Go Forward Media  .  These are the guys who take care of us here on the Fire / EMS Blog Network. I have been planning some sort of give away / contest etc here on the site and want to use the games as prizes. I guess I should also work out something and add a little Axe product as well. Anyway, look for the contest soon. For now, I’m gonna jump back in the shower and try on a little of the Axe Snake Peel. I’ll check back in later on. Until then, stay safe and in the house!

Captain Wines