HAPPY THANKSGIVING from IronFiremen.com

What did you expect?? You did click on IronFiremen.com you know… now get your minds out of the gutter… it’s Thanksgiving for Pete’s sake! LOL

Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Special thoughts and wishes go out to our  Brothers and Sisters across the country pulling a tour today so that the rest of us can spend it with friends and family. The same wishes go out to the men and women of our Armed Forces serving us and our Country all over the world.

Sometimes, I don’t always realize it but even the Ironfireman has plenty to be thankful for. Health, friends family etc. I hope everyone takes just a moment today to reflect on the things that you have to be thankful for.

Take the Fire / EMS Blog Network for example. Where else can you get something for free in this day and time? My little buddy Rhett Fleitz has a Holiday  “give away” over on the FireCritic. Check it out here.

My good friend and partner in crime Dave Statter has a gut busting animated video with well wishes over on Statter911. Check it out here but… be careful…. I laughed so hard I wet myself.

I’ll try to get a “regular” post in later on tonight … right now I have to “crack the whip” and make sure the turkey doesn’t dry out….

Yea.. I’m thankful for FHM magazine too…LOL. Happy Holidays! Stay safe and in House.

Captain Wines