5 generations, a full belly, funny videos and … sleeping with a fireman?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I did. The Buckaroo, the girls and I spent the day at my Dad’s house for a very relaxing and belly busting Thanksgiving meal. Pop cooked a 25lb turkey and it turned out PERFECT.

The only thing better than the food was spending the day with family. Now, my family is big , well actually; its HUGE. My Grandmother has 67 grandchildren (counting “great” and “great / greats”). We all get to see each other several times a year. Yesterday was not one of those days but Granny did make it to Pop’s house for Thanksgiving. That put 5 generations of Wines’ in the room … cool huh?

1st  Granny Wines  “Maw” is obviously 2nd from the right. 2nd. Pop to the far right. 3rd (in the Dave Statter edition cowboy hat) is me. 4th to the far left is my youngest daughter Rebecca (Reba) and the 5th generation is the Buckaroo.  Is there any doubt what I have to be “thankful” for? That’s a long line of Wines.

Speaking of long lines, are you guys heading out for “Black Friday” or holding out for “Cyber Monday”?  The only crowd the Buckaroo and I are gonna fight this morning will be a herd of cattle coming to feed. Not everyone will be so lucky…

You gotta be NUTS to stand in line at 3 and 4am to get into a store! Apparently, there are a lot of “nuts” around here because the stores are PACKED. I just hope everyone has a safe day out there fighting the crowds. I also have the brothers and sisters out there pulling a tour today on my mind. Here at home, especially the members at Station #3 … first due to the Mall. Hope you guys have a quiet one.

Ok, moving on. My little buddy Rhett (Fire Critic) has a great video over on his site this morning and I’m gonna steal it. A female firefighter trying to swallow something….. cinnamon. Have you ever tried to do it? It’s not as easy as you think. The idea has been around firehouses for a while now and it’s always hilarious to watch the guys try to “choke it down”. It usually ends up blowing from their nose etc. The difference this time???  She does it. Watch..

WOW! I think she’s the first person that I’ve ever seen get the job done.  Another funny video I found was concerning the new TSA security scans / pat downs. Apparently some gal figured she’d just wear her bikini to the airport to save the hassle. Now there’s an idea… pay attention gals…

I think the Buckaroo and I may go hang out at the airport  today..LOL. Ok, moving on again … SLEEP WITH A FIREFIGHTER! Another novel idea I know but seriously…. Bill, over at Firegeezer posted back in early November of Vina Drennan and her story. Read the entire story here and see the video below…

Now like most posts from the Geezer, that was a serious and very important message / issue. Leave it to Ironfiremen to find another “spin” on the issue.  A fellow Fire/EMS Blog Network site, Ash and Dreams had an interesting post. He followed up on the Fire Critic’s Top 10 list of Firefighter gifts. Ash and Dreams Top 10 was gifts for the Firefighter’s wife. See FireCritics list here and Ash and Dreams list here. Item #10???? The “Frisky Fireman” ….

LMAO… yea…. it’s what you think it is. What will they come up with next? And by the way… I’m calling my Union rep.. that little guy could take a lot of work away from hard working, honest firemen LMAO. 

The Buckaroo and I will check in tonight sometime. I’m back at the station tomorrow so we’re gonna try to have a early / short day. Until I get back, stay safe and in house.

Captain Wines