Friday night "quicky"

It’s been a long, cold and windy Friday but I’m back  in the house and under the electric blanket.  The Buckaroo and I were talking today and discussing how well the move over to the Fire/EMS Blog Network has been for Here lately, things have been going really well and that’s odd for me.  The hits, new friends etc are really nice but what has stood out the most, here lately; is the AXE shower gel, body wash and shampoo deal. IT’S REALLY COOL!  That got us to thinking….

If all I have to do here is mention someone or their product to get a little sample, why am I not taking advantage? Hummmm. So, here’s something I think all you “guys” should know about. We all  know our job is difficult. Long hard hours away from our families 24hrs at a time. Here, at the Holiday season; its even more difficult. Phone calls, home pictures etc can only go so far. The good news is that I’ve found something to brighten your holiday. Set your clocks .. DVR .. VCR or whatever you have. Tuesday night (November 30th) @ 22:00 (10pm) CBS will show the 2010 Victoria Secretions TV special (I think they actually call it Victoria Secrets)… However you pronounce it, I’m pretty sure the gals will be wearing nothing but some of that fancy “ling-a-ree” !  FINALLY !! Quality television returns to prime time!      WooooooHooooo …    look..

Oh yea!!! and wait… theres more…..

ummm … errrrr…. ahhhhhh… but  but … ah hell …. here’s another one..

Now, if Victoria’s Secret is HALF the company AXE is, they’ll send 3 or 4 of those gals over here to Catawba! Statter… you’re an idiot. You wanted me to post on Depends (adult diapers)?? Think what kind of Christmas me, you and Rhett will have if this one works!  Geesh… rookie… think BIG…. think FIREMAN!     LMAO.

I’ve been a sucker for those “hooker boots” ever since Julia Roberts wore em in Pretty Woman.  Hooker boots, thigh highs and midgets! My weaknesses .. or sickness… however you look at it. Hell, I’m still waiting on the picture of Dave Statter in a cowboy hat and mustache… LOL.

Check out a couple of sites  HERE  and HERE  to get all the details as well as some video and more pictures.  I’ll try to add an official “countdown” to the show over on the right hand side bar… just in case ya forget. Yea… I know …. I love you guys too.

I’ll check in tomorrow from the station. Until then, stay safe and in da house!

Captain Wines