Firefighter of the Year and Santa's sexy little helper

I mentioned in the last post that it’s snowing here in Va. and that has me in the Christmas mood! I can’t wait to go to the Mall and let Santa’s little helper sit on my lap. Ummmm… errrrrrrrr… wait…I mean I can’t wait to I sit on her lap. Ahhhhhhhh…no,  I mean I can’t wait to sit on …… ahhhh never mind … just pictureme, the mall, Santa’s sexy little helper and somebody’s lap. LMAO

The Buckaroo is pretty excited as well. He wants to talk to that “Sanna” Claus and loves trips to the Mall.  We don’t get out there often but when we do, we make the most of our time. Toy stores, candy shops then we usually swing through the Victoria Secretions store to see if they are running any really good sales.  He likes that part best.

This cold weather has him a bit out of his element … he had to trade his John Deer ball cap for an Elmo toboggan and we had to break out the old flannel PJs.

Moving on, last night was our (IAFF L-1132) Christmas Banquet. It’s always a good time and last night was no disappointment. Attendance last year was very low due to a blizzard that hit town and dropped a foot or so of snow. Attendance last night was good but I would have thought it would have been a little higher. Actually, I figured it was gonna be PACKED.

A lot of the wives / girlfriends have joined together and formed a Women’s Auxiliary. These ladies have been doing a great job on all fronts. They have held “family trips”, “family nights”, they assist with our MDA golf tournament and Fill The Boot just to name a few. This year, they also worked closely with L1132 to assist with the Banquet. They were instrumental in acquiring a “big name” band (The Worx) and presented a check for $1,000 to help with expenses. Check out our Auxiliary’s site HERE . THANKS LADIES … well done! Here are a few pics….

Members of L-1132 danced the shoes off some of the gals…

VPFF Secretary / Treasurer Mike Hanks and his signature neck tie head band..

Missy and Scott Mutter. Missy is the President of the Women’s Auxiliary.

Lt. mark Brown of #5-C and wife Tonya .. aka “Big Moma”

My “little buddy” Rhett Fleitz (Fire Critic) enjoying an adult beverage .. maybe we should have checked ID’s at the door.

My crew … Lt. George “Georgie” perdue and Todd “Boots” Harris (also pictured is Georgie’s wife Caroline).

Our Retirees honored with engraved axes. From left to right. Captain Mike Banks, Captain Jimmy Renick, Lieutenant Steve Lamberscoti, Captain Anthony Wallace, Firefighter / Paramedic Hank Pfister and Battalion Chief Audie Ferris.

Now, part of this posts title was “Firefighter of the Year” and that’s what was missing. I’m not sure but I think it may be the first time in our history that we did not honor a member with the distinction of “Firefighter of the Year”. The recipient is usually chosen from letters submitted by Captains or Battalion Chiefs. This year, we didn’t receive a single letter! I’m not sure if I’m more shocked or disappointed. I know the Brothers and Sisters of L1132 go “above and beyond” on a regular basis but nobody had the time to sit down and write a letter recognizing it? Come on guys!!!  Show a little pride in the work our members do!

Ok, I’m not going to get on that rant. I want to remind everyone of the Firefighter Edition Monopoly give away for the best Firefighter tattoo. Check out the post and contest details HERE and don’t forget to get those entries in.

That’s all for now… more to come soon. Until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines