Looking BACK….

Sorry folks … it’s been kinda busy here on the Ponderosa the last few days. Anyhow, I wanted to give ya a little something to “chew on” since I haven’t had time to get a “regular” or “decent” post up.  I thought it would be cool to re-visit some older posts since I have a ton of new followers / readers.

Many of you may not know but I have been involved with 3 Blogs (sites) up to this point. The first one started back in my days as a “Melrose Misfit” assigned to Station #9. (I would move on to the Wooden Ladders and Iron Firemen Blogspot address and then to here… Ironfiremen.com).

 On the #9 site, I did a group of posts entitled “Meet the Members”. I introduced the C-shift Misfits.. my “Boys”. In turn, they introduced me. So, for those of you new to the site; here’s how the C-shift  Melrose Misfits introduced me to our audience.   Here’s whatcha been waiting on .

We had a good site back then. Better than good. All 3 shift contributed and we showed how it was living in a firehouse for 24hr shifts. Ok..the honest answer is 2 or the 3 shifts posted but we really “broke the balls” of the shift that didn’t. Here’s a post  doing just that … Why we don’t post

LMAO.. I loved that post. We also spent a lot of time scaring the crap out of each other …. well, out of Tyrone anyways …

It took untol23:30 to get the shot  A-shift was just as bad … Sorry Dixon

We had a lot of fun together. Worked hard and played even harder. …You’d better sit down

LMAO … for whatever reason, Tyrone was the subject of a lot of our posts …. Surprise

Ok.. hopefully that will hold ya for a few hours. I’ll get another post or 2 up later this evening / tonight. Our Union Banquet  (IAFF L-1132) was last night a I got a few pics .. I also have a few  local stories I want to talk about .. 10 minutes response times and the FireCritic catches his 2nd fire (and it wasn’t a dumpster).

Until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines