Working fires and Santa's Sexy Helpers

The last two post have been a “Hot Topic” for  I’d like to thank everyone for reading and for taking the time to post comments. It’s time for me to move past the issue for now but I will warn you of a future “follow up” post. Some plans have been made and I believe members are going to sit down and review the incident .. a PIA (post Incident Analysis) of sorts. I will update you on the findings / recommendations as soon as they are available. With the parties involved, I’m sure the outcome will be positive and safety oriented.

I mentioned in the last post that the “Noke” has been fairly busy with fire here lately. Today has been no exception. Our South-side Brothers and Sisters from Stations #6, #11, #1 and #8 made quick work of a fire over in South East today around noon. Here are a couple shots from the Department “Picture Book” page …

The fire displaced a family but they are being assisted by the Red Cross. Our department does a good job of working with our local Red Cross to see that displaced families have food, clothing and shelter following a fire. This has to be a busy time of year for the Red Cross even without the  fires etc.

 I don’t donate money to a lot of groups etc. (I can’t afford it plus I figure I kinda give through my job) but, when and if I do; the Red Cross is one of the groups that get it. I can remember when they had a van / truck that they would send out to major fires / incidents. If we were there for any extended period of time, or in the rain, snow or cold; the truck would be there with hot coffee and food. So, THANKS to the Red Cross  for all they do.

Baltimore’s Bravest have been busy today as well. Dave Statter has tons of video and stories of station closures, “brown outs” and naked residents evacuating the building during a 5 Alarm fire in a section of the city known as “The Block”. Cold tempatures and windy conditions only added to the work at hand for the 125 (or more)  Baltimore Jakes on scene. Find all of Statter’s coverage HERE.

Image from WBAL-TV

Ok, moving on; it seems as though everyone in the Fire/EMS Blog Network is doing something “new” for their site. We’re seeing new “categories”, “topics” and “columns”. The FireCritic  has once again mounted Statter and Geezer’s  horse and began postings things like … “Weekend Reviews” , “line ups” and “Quick take” type posts. Other Bloggers have run “Count Downs”, “Top 10’s” etc. Ash and Dreams is counting down to Christmas with her series titled “25 Days of Blogging”. All GREAT IDEAS …. why didn’t I think of any of em??? Hummmm … maybe they need a “firefighter” spin…. a “Captain Wines” spin.

Let me think …. it’s Winter….. that means it’s Cold and Christmas is near.  Christmas …. the North Pole …. Santa …. Santa’s helpers .. Ahhhhh Ha!    THAT’S IT !!  I’ll do the 19 Days of Santa’s Helpers ! Oh yea …. this will be good!

Now I’m not talking about those little midget elf  “carpenter type”  toy building helpers … 


I’m talking talking about Santa’s real helpers. You know.. sexy little “stocking stuffer” type helpers….

Yea… like that…. or maybe something like this ….

Not “sexy” enough for ya??  Try this one …

Gotta love them boots! Oh yea …. this could be good!   I’m a genius!   We can get those sexy little helpers down to near nothin! How’d ya like to catch this little elf  “wanna be”  under your tree?

I don’t know … just doesn’t feel right. That one kinda reminds me of Tyrone’s bathing suit…. Remember????

I know …I know … “mood killer”.  Almost ruined the whole idea…. Don’t worry … I’ll make up for it. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier … I could have done the “50 days of Santa’s Sexy Helpers Countdown” LOL. Oh well … I’ll just have to work with what I have… so…. INTRODUCING …(drum roll please) ….


DAY 19

I’ll have a new “Santa’s Sexy Helper” up every day until Christmas… 19 days of em! WooooHooooo! I’d hate to see ol Santa have to get all this work done by himself! Stay tuned, thanks for following, and don’t forget to use the tool bar at the bottom of the page to share with all your friends. Until next post, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines