Frigid temperatures take a toll

While Captain Schmoe is somewhere out west basking in the desert warmth,  those of us stranded in the mid-West or East coast are battling extreme cold. Now, “extreme” may not be the right word but, record lows have been broken and the bottom line is …. IT’S COLD! Not the best weather conditions for our line of work …..

Talk about “Iron Firemen” … geesh that looks cold!  The bad news is that it’s cold no matter what you’re doing.  Even though I’m not at the station today, I still have work to get done. Most firefighters work 2nd and 3rd jobs to “make ends meet”.  Fortunately for me, my second job is farming. Texas Long Horn cattle and hay. Hard work with little to no pay but also rewarding in unique ways..(sounds just like firefighting huh?)

Cowboy or firefighter, cold is cold. I mentioned in this morning’s post that we were up and working last night. I’m not sure if  it’s the cold or old age but either way, I was tired. I had a short stop at the barn before driving out to check the cows. I rushed to get back to the house so I could 1.) see the Buckaroo   2.) thaw out and  3.) get a little rest.  How great is it that I can tie all 3 together ….

Well, there’s 2 outta 3 … the Buckaroo and a blanket. What about the “rest” or relaxation?? That’s easy … a “pap-pap” and tottie..

He has the “pap-pap’ .. I have the “tottie” and  yes Statter … we’re working from bed again! I’ll get ya a shot of the Buckaroo’s executive offices soon enough .. until then,  don’t knock  “Cold Casual Tuesdays” LOL. Ok, moving on ….

I hope the Brothers and Sisters from Baltimore found a warm bed and tottie this morning. I linked to Statter’s story on the 5 Alarm fire on “The Block” yesterday. Come to find out, they had a 2nd  5 Alarm fire yesterday as well … BACK to BACK!  OUCH!  See Statter’s coverage of the 2nd fire  HERE.   Talk about taking a toll. I wonder if  Baltimore FD thought ahead enough to relieve their members following the 1st fire. After a 5 Alarmer in these conditions, they HAD to be spent. How effective would / could they have been on a “bread and butter” fire afterwards?  What condition could they have been in to handle another 5 banger? Is it smart to leave em on duty after the 1st one? Is it safe? I’m just throwing thoughts around here .. I have no idea how Baltimore Fire operates .. I just hate to think of the beating the Brothers and Sisters up there took if they had to work em both.

Speaking of a “beating” and taking a toll, I hope everyone took a moment to remember the sacrifice so many men and women made 69 years ago today. If you didn’t or don’t know, today is Pearl Harbor Day.

Thanks to all of our men and women of the United States Armed forces … past or present … THANK YOU!

On a lighter note, I received another package from AXE today. In my Product Review, I mentioned how I’d like to see a smaller or “travel size” bottle. Whatda ya know … THEY HAVE IT …

How cool is that?  That Jill from AXE is some kinda gal!  I get home to find a package from Chicago and my day automatically gets better. Some say it’s just good “PR” on AXE’s part .. I think she has a thing for skinny firemen with big mustaches  LOL. All kidding aside  THANKS to Jill and AXE .. we’ll put the product to good use.

And, speaking of mustaches … Dave Statter wrote me in on the ballot for the  “Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year  Award”.  Find the headline HERE under Statter’s “quick takes”…. Here’s the winner …

You gotta be kidding me!!  THAT guy was the winner? The Buckaroo’s Halloween mustache was better than that one. The contest must be rigged …  Chief Goldfedder, Chris Naum or myself could top that stache with 5 O’clock shadow  LOL.

Ok, I’m gonna wrap it up for tonight. Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow for Day 17 of  “Santa’s Sexy Helper”. Thanks again for reading and following along with my ramblings. Until the next time, stay WARM, DRY, SAFE and IN HOUSE.

Captain Wines